Christmas, Cookies, Cocoa, and Caroling

Last night we had a last minute party and decided to have friends over for hot chocolate and cookies to celebrate Christmas, just another excuse for a Party! The only catch was that in order to get in the house they had to sing a Christmas carol. 🙂 It was Great and Funny! I’m actually really impressed with everyone’s vocal abilities and I am glad I was on the other side of that door! 🙂

Here are some fun videos we took of you. Way to go guys. Thanks for coming!
We missed taping some of you… You know who you are! Next time, you will not get away so easy.

The Robisons singing Rudolph. The video cut them off, sorry. The whole thing was great and because they were the first ones here they got to watch everyone else.
Jill, we missed you and Carter!

The Lundgrens singing Rudolph, part of it in fast play!
The Koshars (Deb, we missed you!) and The Lloyds singing Jingle Bells.
The Tanners sing Hark! the Herald Angels sing. If you are wondering why they keep looking up, it’s because our really funny friend, Grant was up there watching/distracting them.

The Wrights singing Jingle Bells with a little move on. Grant encouraged the dancing from the other side of the door.