We went to The Phoenix Zoo today. How nice that we can be outside at the zoo in February. That just wouldn’t be happening in MN. We had a blast at the zoo. The zoo here is so awesome. It’s voted one of the top five best zoos for kids. I really like it a lot. My girls had a blast. I love that everything is so close to each other. You don’t have to walk way far to see everything. That’s what I didn’t like about the MN zoo. Most of the time we went we would only go to a couple of things that were close to each other (Convenience). Here we could see so much. There wasn’t all this walking in between exhibits. I also love the grounds. They are so beautiful. I feel like I’ve left AZ and landed in the jungle. We only got through the south/east part of it so we will have to go back for the rest. We have a season pass so we will be going often. Let us know if you have a pass and we will meet you there. Favorite part is seeing an Elephant and touching the stingrays. Brought me back to our cruise where we swam with them. So Exhilarating! Can’t wait to go back to ride on the Camel! Click here to connect to the pics from our day. As you can see the girls had just as much fun or even more fun with all of the animal statues as they did with the actual animals. They make the zoo so much fun for kids these days.