Halloween Party!

I always go all out and decorate my house for Halloween. This year we decided to decorate the yard as well. The girls loved helping out. We hosted a Halloween party with friends and so we kept with the Graveyard Tombstone pics.

I had some great helpers!

At night we have lights that shine on the tombstones and skull.

Here is the haunted invite I made. Last night was our Halloween Party and it went great. We had lots of fun. I love dressing up and playing Halloween games.

Welcome to the Party! Some fun Halloween foods.

The Graveyard Dip

Eyeball Donut Holes

Swamp Juice


Matt and I are The Count and The Countess. I like to think I had my own personal Edward all night. 😉 Shhhhh! Don’t tell him that or he will kill me!
Now for the pics of our friends and costumes click HERE.
Thanks everyone for coming. We had so much FUN!
Happy Halloween!