I love looking at everyone’s blog. I love the pictures more than the words. I truly believe in the saying, “a picture is worth more than a thousand words.” It’s been fun having a blog, but if you are wondering why I don’t do more with it, it’s because I am really busy with our website. I put so many pictures up of our girls on their web page and on the photo gallery in our web page. There is a link to our website on the top/left hand side of this page. You will get more than you desire of pictures there. It’s been a great way to show family and friends all about our lives while we live far away. Check it out! I update it often. I will continue to add to this blog, but the pictures will be more random and not as organized as it is on the website. I feel like the blog is more limiting with how things look and what I can do. Whereas with my website I can choose the exact layout I want. So more pics will be shown there, but I will write more here. Thanks for visiting!