Ward Trunk-or-Treat

We haven’t had a trunk or treat party in any of the wards we’ve been in so this was a real treat. I am so glad our ward did it because it was so much fun and the girls had a blast. So many adults even dressed up. We had a cook-off and games and then the trick-or-treating for the kids. Our ward here is awesome. We love it and we are so happy to be here in warm weather (a little too warm) for Halloween. Look at the girls, no parkas on! Click HERE for all the pics from the party.


Pumpkin Patch

Finding the PERFECT pumpkin

The Carnival
I have to admit, it felt more like July with the 90 degree weather than it did October. I’m just not getting used to the dramatic change from MN to AZ. It’s complete opposite in every way. The girls love to go on rides. When they are tall enough to ride all the rides I will definitely be doing the unlimited wristbands. They are not afraid to ride anything!

Matt wasn’t too happy he had to go with Megs because she wasn’t tall enough to ride alone, but I couldn’t go being Pregnant so he was out of luck.

Emilee and Megs made these cute tie-dye shirts from the Family Fun magazine. Thanks Lynda for our fun subscription. We use it every month.


Flagstaff Visit
It was so nice to drive an hour and a half and be in such a different climate and scenery. Although, it was really cold… it was a nice change. By the end of the day I was ready to be back in warmer weather. That’s how much I hate the cold. I don’t mind the visit, but I hate living in it. I love the nice fall colors and it was great to be with The Charons.

It was chilly, but a nice change

Feeding the Ducks

Cousins Riley and Keagan

We needed the fire to warm up!

The two moms pregnant with girls!