Halloween Parties!

Megan had her Preschool Party Friday. It is always so fun to see the moms and kids dressed up. Emilee and Megan both went to Lily’s Party Friday night. “A mid-October’s Night Dream.” The girls all had on their masquerade gowns and masks. They had so much fun getting ready for the night by doing their hair, makeup and glitter. They decorated pumpkins, and played games. It was such a magical night! Pics of parties are HERE.


Baby Brooke

Dress Up Again! My girls just love to dress Brooke up.
Baby Skeleton.
My girls just think that it is so cool her shirt glows in the dark.

At dinner with Grandpa!

Trunk or Treat

My girls absolutely love our ward trunk or treat party! I look forward to it every year as well. This year Matt was out of town so I took my three girls. Pics are on our website. Click HERE. As you can see we have The Witch, The Ghost, and The Pumpkin!


Brooke and I

Emilee, The Girl behind the Ghost.

Megan, The Cute Witch

Brooke, the pumkin!


Halloween Party!

I always go all out and decorate my house for Halloween. This year we decided to decorate the yard as well. The girls loved helping out. We hosted a Halloween party with friends and so we kept with the Graveyard Tombstone pics.

I had some great helpers!

At night we have lights that shine on the tombstones and skull.

Here is the haunted invite I made. Last night was our Halloween Party and it went great. We had lots of fun. I love dressing up and playing Halloween games.

Welcome to the Party! Some fun Halloween foods.

The Graveyard Dip

Eyeball Donut Holes

Swamp Juice


Matt and I are The Count and The Countess. I like to think I had my own personal Edward all night. 😉 Shhhhh! Don’t tell him that or he will kill me!
Now for the pics of our friends and costumes click HERE.
Thanks everyone for coming. We had so much FUN!
Happy Halloween!


U2 Concert

All I can say is AMAZING! Last night U2 was in Phoenix and Matt and I went. By far the best concert I’ve ever been too. I absolutely love their music and I could’ve stayed there all night. Ask Matt, he had to drag me out of there. I was not ready to leave! I got some great pictures, but the best are the video clips I took and the voice recordings I got with my iPhone. 🙂
Thanks Matt for such a great night.

Before concert, everyone still arriving.

View from our seats.
The stage is revolving. Bono was all over the place. It was cool!

Matty and I



and Bono!

The big screens make you feel like you are right there!

Loved the look of this. With Bono in the middle.

Notice all the people around the outer stage.

At the end… PLEASE don’t end!
One last picture!!!


San Fran with Dan

I went to San Fran for the weekend. The weather was so nice and cool. I went to visit my brother, Dan. We had a great time eating out, going to the movies, shopping, etc. We went to the new Walt Disney Family Museum. It was GREAT! Very neat to learn of Walt Disney and his life before and during his career with Disney. I had a great time. Can’t wait to come visit again!

I flew out of the D gates and I took a picture of the window there because it is so neat. I love how much light comes in through the wide windows.

Dan and I at his place.

This one is for my girls. SCARY!

Dan goes all out decorating for Halloween. It was fun seeing all his decorations.

Dan’s place is a lot like Disneyland.

My girls would have loved being there. 🙂

This is TinkerBelle. My girls would love her. Pretty cute and funny!

San Fran skyline in the distance.

Love the Golden Gate Bridge. This picture is taken from The Walt Disney Museum.

Too dark of me. My camera didn’t flash. But I love Fisherman’s Wharf.

The Wax Museum is awesome! Loved these ones of Michael.



Our favorite thing to do… even in OCTOBER! This is one of the greatest things about living in Phx. Swimming year round!

Brooke loves it! She is so busy here she doesn’t even have time to look at and smile for the camera for a picture. I tried so hard to call her name, whistle, make noise, but nothing worked.


Love my CRICUT!

A new thing to do with my Cricut. I got some Vinyl made especially for the Cricut. I have been making some fun words to put on my walls. I feel like I am scrapbooking on my walls. These are just some of them so far. It’s been fun, but it’s actually harder than I thought it would be to put up just right. I can see this getting addicting especially during the Holiday’s.


I love Megs expression!

In the girls room!

Above their bed!


AZ Family Weekend

Ladies at PF Changs

Girly Girls!

The Family

Matt’s siblings all came out for a weekend of family parties. It all started with lunches and pedicures. Rocco, their dad, had his birthday party at PF Changs and then we all came back to our house to celebrate with cake and a competitive game of Family Feud. Boys against girls. And I must put on here that the girls won! Rocco and Rosie had their wedding reception the next night. It was beautifully catered and very well done. We really enjoyed our time there. Matt took a lot of pictures and some of them are on our photo gallery. Click HERE to see them.
Thanks Rocco and Rosie for such a fun weekend!