I Am Thankful For…

My Mother underwent an extensive surgery last July to remove a very rare cancerous tumor. It ended up being a very complicating and aggressive surgery. She is recovering very slowly. She just finished doing radiation. The side effects have kept her very weak, sick, and tired. It has been a very stressful time in my life and the life of my family. She is such a strong woman and has been such an inspiration to me over the years. I am in awe of all she has gone through in just these last six months. I love my mother so much and this year I am most thankful for her! I must mention how amazing my father has been in this process as well. What an incredible MAN! When I think of true, pure, unconditional love… I think of my mom and dad!!!

This picture is so special to me!

Gotta Love It!

You either really love it or you don’t care for it at all. I believe that if everyone read it they would love it! Please read it before you watch it. Honestly, it just makes the movies sooooo much better. I am talking about The Twilight Series. I was one of the crazy ones this year that did The Twilight Marathon. Here in AZ the theaters had Twilight playing at 9:30pm and New Moon playing at Midnight. I decided to go because I am leaving out of town this weekend and I knew I would not be able to go for a while. I loved the movie! I didn’t want it to end and that’s saying a lot at 2:00am. I feel such a connection with each character and I love the chemistry between Bella and Edward. Wow! It was GREAT!

My friend, Stacey made these bookmark invites and I fell in love with them.

They are so well done. Gotta Love It!


Espin’s Visit

Our good friends, The Espin’s came to visit from Minnesota. It was so fun to have them here for a week. They have the cutest little boy and one on the way. Thanks for coming to AZ again. We love having you guys!
The Espins hiking up

Family at Papago Park

Love the views from up here

Date night: Going out

Melissa and I

Brooke and I

Ems and her missing two teeth

Brooke in the tunnel. She has this new thing where she holds her hands together.

All three girls on The Dino.

Gabriel… such a cutie!

Matt tossing Brooke Too High!

But Brooke Loved it!

Sunday night another friend from MN came to AZ. James it was great seeing you!

I Believe!

Emilee has her permanent tooth coming in behind her baby teeth. (picture above shows this… I didn’t even know this happens.) Her teeth have been loose for a while now and it became urgent for the tooth to be pulled. Matt pulled the tooth and Emilee was so excited to put it under her pillow for The Tooth Fairy. In the morning she woke up to her tooth missing being replaced with money, a note, and fairy dust. She was beaming! She told me she dreamed of the tooth fairy all night. Today her other baby tooth was pulled out be herself. I think last night’s gifts were motivation:) Later, Emilee came inside after playing with friends, saying that they said The Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny are not real. She was so distraught. What? I was shocked! Already, she is told these things from her peers. I didn’t expect this so soon. I told her that all of them are real and that We Believe no matter what other people say! I said, “if you don’t believe then they don’t come anymore…” She quickly changed her expression and said, “I Believe!!!” 🙂


Married 7 years!

Last week, Matt and I celebrated our 7th Year Anniversary. Looking back at our wedding day… what a whirlwind it was. Crazy and Exciting! Now our Magical Day makes for some GREAT stories. Matt and I created this wedding page in our first year of marriage. Wedding Page.

Yeah! To all our friends out there that got married our year and even our same month. 2002! Tanners, Martins, Jones’, Wilsons, Klippels, Castles, Turleys, Lopez’. Wow! and I am probably missing some. LOVE to All!

Swimming in November

The weather has been in the 80’s-90’s.
The water is heated.
What more can I ask for?

Brooke loves the water as much as her sisters.

Brooke is 8 months today!

Megs, such a fish in the water.

Love being in the SUN!

I love the sunsets in AZ. Goodbye water, until tommorrow!

Happy Halloween!

What a fun night getting all dressed up again. I think this was #5 for me. Crazy! The girls had a blast trick-or-treating. They love going and going. I am amazed at how long they lasted. We hit so many homes. I was exhausted. This was the first Halloween where we carved our pumpkins on Halloween. It was perfect being that is was Saturday and we had all day together as a family. Also, our pumpkins looked great at night because they were not withered from the heat.

Click HERE to see the novel in pictures!