Nikki’s Wedding/Reception

Last night Matt and I went to our friend, Nikki’s wedding reception. Afterward we both commented on how much going to another wedding brings back memories of our own. It was a great night!

Love this pic of Nikki. So Beautiful!

Love her dress. So exquisite!
Carol, Nikki, Amy, and I

Amy is one of the bridesmaids.


This year we hosted Christmas at our house with all of Matt’s family. It was Crazy, but fun! The girls loved their Christmas gifts and it’s always fun to celebrate a baby’s first Christmas. This was also our first Christmas with our dog, Sammy. Matt’s grandparents came to visit as well. We took lots of pics and some are on our website. Click HERE.

Arizona Temple Christmas Lights

Each year we go to see The Temple Christmas lights. They are so beautiful. I am amazed at all they do to make it so pretty. We saw so many friends from up here and down there, where we used to live. We even ran into people we haven’t seen since we got married. We got a lot of great pictures.

Family at Temple lights

Girls sitting on the grass on the Temple grounds

Walking through the lights.

Looking at The Nativity and baby Jesus

Our three girls

Another angle of The Temple

Lighted up walkway. The girls loved this.

Christmas, Cookies, Cocoa, and Caroling

Last night we had a last minute party and decided to have friends over for hot chocolate and cookies to celebrate Christmas, just another excuse for a Party! The only catch was that in order to get in the house they had to sing a Christmas carol. 🙂 It was Great and Funny! I’m actually really impressed with everyone’s vocal abilities and I am glad I was on the other side of that door! 🙂

Here are some fun videos we took of you. Way to go guys. Thanks for coming!
We missed taping some of you… You know who you are! Next time, you will not get away so easy.

The Robisons singing Rudolph. The video cut them off, sorry. The whole thing was great and because they were the first ones here they got to watch everyone else.
Jill, we missed you and Carter!

The Lundgrens singing Rudolph, part of it in fast play!
The Koshars (Deb, we missed you!) and The Lloyds singing Jingle Bells.
The Tanners sing Hark! the Herald Angels sing. If you are wondering why they keep looking up, it’s because our really funny friend, Grant was up there watching/distracting them.

The Wrights singing Jingle Bells with a little move on. Grant encouraged the dancing from the other side of the door.

Friends Christmas Party!

While we were at our Friends Christmas Party, our girls went on a date with their Grandpa and Rosie. They went to dinner and then to a fun Christmas Celebration play… Star of Wonder! After which they had a sleepover at their house. They had a REALLY fun and memorable night. They keep talking about all their favorite parts. Thanks for the experience!

Girls with Rosie and Grandpa Rocco.
Christmas Party:
Kim and Matt

Leah and Mike

Dave… giving some LOVE to his banana pillow he stole.

Cory getting a pretty hilarious movie.

Matt and Christine both opened presents including these hats.

Jodee and Dave… the lipstick kisses were a funny joke!
The whole group smiling and then being silly.
The next morning:
Grandpa with baby Brooke. This picture is so sweet to me.

Ward Christmas Party!

Family with Santa

Brooke cannot believe her eyes. She would not stop staring. I couldn’t get her to look at the camera for the life of me… let alone smile. She was absorbed in the moment completely. I cannot believe how focused this little one is!

She even tried tugging on Santa’s beard… Is this Real?

Emilee loved every second on Santa’s lap. She became speechless!

Megan enjoyed her time on Santa’s lap… but she was a chatterbox!

She had so many things to say, what’s new!

Standing in front of the Christmas tree.

These next few are a great sequence of Matt playing with Brooke.
He literally went 1…2…3, up and down.
TaDa! You can tell by Brooke’s expression how much she loved it!

Christmas Lights

Matt at the highest point putting lights up with a ladder long enough he had to borrow from our neighbor. Too scary for me. I didn’t like this idea at all.

But I do love the look of it at night.
The lights and Christmas Tree are so pretty to me.

The girls in their new winter jamies.

Emilee’s First Grade Picture

I just barely got Emilee’s pictures back from Oct. – long story. I didn’t choose the purple background being that I put her in a purple outfit. But it really makes her face stand out. I love her smile and she looks so big to me!

Decorating Three Trees

This year we put up three trees. Our nice tree in the front room. A kid tree with all the fun ornaments in our family room (love this idea, wish I would have done it sooner) and a princess tree in the toy room. At night our house is all lit up and I love it. Matt even put lights on the roof of our house. It’s the most wonderful time on the year!

Decorating Tree #1

Decorating Tree #2
Baby so happy under the tree. I love how Sammy comes and kisses her.
Brooke is my photogenic baby.
Mom with the girls in their Santa hats.

Great smiles.

All three under their tree.

Tree #3… the princess tree.

Matt putting up the lights.


We were in St. George for Thanksgiving with my side of the family. We had our good friends, The Peschkes at Thanksgiving with us. Matt prepared the turkey again like last year. It was wonderful! We had a great trip. I love being with my family. The girls have so much fun with their cousins. The two oldest cousins worked on dances with the girls and they put a show on for us at the end of the trip. Matt and I used our camera to get some pictures of the whole family, grandkids, and individual families. The pics turned out okay, but we learned a lot in the process and I can’t wait until next time where we can make them better! Click HERE to see our pics from our trip.