Rain, Rain, Rain!

This time of year it rains a lot in AZ. Well let me clarify, a lot for Arizona! We’ve gotten a lot at one time, but the land here is so hard and dry that it doesn’t absorb the water so there are lots of lakes everywhere. Here are some pics of what the parks by our house look like. I can’t get over this sight. It’s Crazy!

That’s all grass and a sidewalk under the water.

That’s as far as Megs can go before her feet go under.
That’s all sand and grass under the water.

Emilee and Megan at night playing in the rain.

Happy New Years!

Last week my sister, Kathy, and her family came to Phoenix for vacation from the snow and stayed at such a great hotel – The Hyatt at Gainey Ranch is Scottsdale. It was so fun to have them here. They also brought Makell, our other cousin. We loved going to the hotel and visiting them at the pool. We loved having them up to our house to play, visit, and play games. We loved meeting them at different places around the city.
We had a GREAT New Years! We went to The Fiesta Bowl Block Party. The kids loved that. They had a Ferris Wheel, huge slide, and the girls spent most their time doing crafts. Later that night we came up to our house with friends to celebrate The New Year. We put the kids to bed and played games. It was so much fun. We had a BIG sleepover too and had a great breakfast compliments of Matt, the Chef in our home.

These pics are of New Years and the week leading up to it. Click HERE to see them.
Thanks everyone for bringing in The New Year with such success!

More Christmas

I love Christmas time. I will miss it.
Here are some last photos of my girls from Christmas.

My mom gave this outfit to Emilee when she was a baby.

Brooke found an ornament on the tree.
Brooke playing with the train. She can’t get enough of this train.
Notice Sammy and his toy in this picture. He brought Brooke his toy and now he’s waiting patiently for her to throw it so he can run and catch it. Gotta love it!

Megan and Brooke. Twinners!

All three girls in their red dresses.