Minnesota Friends

Our Friends, Amy and Nick- from Minnesota came to Phoenix to get out of the snow. It was so great to see them. Thanks for coming to visit!
Ems took this pic.
Amy and I
The girls – Megs, Ella, and Ems

The girls with Caleb.

Nick playing with Brooke.

More messes from Brooke.

What Brooke’s up to

Brookee is all over the place now that she is approaching one. Just like my other two girls, these next couple of years are my hardest. They are so curious and like to get themselves into lots of trouble. But because they don’t know any better it gets frustrating. I love to capture some of the moments though.
Here she has gotten down some of my Valentine decorations and she is caught up in it.

Looks like she is saying Uh Oh!
Brooke loves to come over to Sammy’s territory and explore.
Here she is in the cupboard where the doggy door is that goes outside. She doesn’t need me to open the door to go out to play, she’ll just goes out whenever she feels like it.

Valentines Date!

Last night Matt and I went out with some friends to celebrate Valentines. It’s funny because even though we were there as couples we ended up sitting as ladies on one side and men on the other. Nice Romantic Valentines dinner, right? Well, we will all admit that it was much more fun that way! 🙂

Ladies side.

After dinner, outside talking. Hope you all had a good Valentines Date!

School Valentines

I love the bear bag Megs made at school with the mouth open to put her Valentines in.
Such a cute idea.

Emilee’s Valentines box she made and below she is addressing Valentines to her friends.


Lost Tooth

Emilee’s front tooth up top has been loose for a while now and it finally fell out at school. Because she was at school she gets to go visit the nurse where she makes a necklace with a tooth on it that opens up for her to put her tooth in. She is wearing it in the picture. She was so excited to show me when she got home from school, she ran inside the house yelling my name, trying to find me… I know something BIG must’ve happened. Lucky for her the tooth fairy will come again tonight!

Nice pose Emilee!



I love this picture of Brooke and Sammy. They were watching out the window as Emilee and Megan were playing with our neighbors.

Brooke noticing Sammy.

Super Bowl Party!

Guys above…Ladies below…kids all over the place!
We have a Super Bowl Party every year and I love it because it includes families and so sometimes it’s the only time I get to see everyone’s kids. We had such a fun time. Thanks everyone for coming and for bringing all the amazing food. Honestly, it was all delicious. Loved those deserts too. I got pictures of them. 🙂 Click HERE to see all the fun pics.

Roller Skating

Tuesday night we went skating with Emilee’s school.
It was so much fun. Our girls were funny to watch.
Their legs looked like spaghetti as they were trying to skate.
They were all over the place and fell down a bunch of times.
But they kept getting back up. Talk about determination!

Emilee and Megan

Matt helping Megan

Brooke and I just watched

Emilee skating with school friends

Worn out. The End.