Brookee’s Big News

Many of you know that Matt and I are expecting our fourth baby in October. We are really excited to have a baby so close in age to Brooke. She will be such a good big sister. We will find out in May what we are having, but we are planning on a GIRL! 🙂

Emilee’s T-ball

It’s been so much fun watching Emilee play T-ball. Matt takes her most the time and they have a great time spending it together. Emilee is such an adventurous girl and she is so competitive that sports is the perfect place for her. She is on a great team with lots of boys and one other girl. They have fabulous coaches. She has done a great job and we are really proud of her.
Emilee batting up at practice.
And she hits it!

Love the focus.
Love her smile.

Emilee throwing the ball in outfield.

Emilee with her cousins who were here for one of her games.

Build-A-Bear Workshop

My girls have been dying to go to Build-A-Bear for the longest time. I kept telling them that they could go for their Birthdays, but then when their special day would come, they would always want to have/do other things. I finally took them over the weekend and we had such a fun time. I didn’t have my camera there, but wish I had. Making the bears was so cute and I’m a sucker for all the cute outfits, accessories, and the shoes. I want all the shoes! What a memorable day for them.

My Birthday!

Well, it’s a good thing I celebrated my birthday last week with my sisters because this week I have the stomach flu and Matt is out of town. I will celebrate with Matt over the weekend. Hopefully I’ll feel better.

On our way to dinner.
At Dinner

Opening my presents
Thanks everyone for my fun presents.
Picture Emilee made me at Art class today at school.
Girl Megan made for me at school. It says on the back, “I love you this much!”
Presents the girls made me. Can’t wait to see what’s inside. 🙂
ColdStone ice cream cupcakes. They are so yummy!
Emilee with her Oreo request

Brooke had to have some too.
And BEST OF ALL… The present Matt made me.
What a great surprise. He spent countless hours on this one and I can’t wait to actually have it in my hands. It is being shipped to me right now. What a great gift! WOW! I know I’m going to love it.
To see a sneak peak, Click HERE.

Butters and Bartons Visit

Last week two of my sisters came to visit us over their Spring Break. They each brought three of their girls with them. My girls were so excited to see them and have them all here. They all play so well together. Their favorite thing to do is swim! Each day they would play school and practice their dance performance that they do at the end of their visit each time we are all together. It’s so cute. They even make a program to go along with it, telling about each girl. We took lots of pics over the week. These are a combination of pics my sisters took and ones I took. Click HERE to see them. Thanks for coming! We loved having you here!

Happy Easter!

Our Easter was filled with all kinds of activities. It all started with the girls getting up way too early. They were excited to look for their Easter baskets. They needed hints to find them. We then decorated Easter eggs and had our Easter dinner. After naps we did the Easter egg hunt. It was a fun-filled day and we all had a great time talking about what Easter represents and celebrating it. Click HERE for Pics.

Happy Birthday Matt

Matt celebrated his 33rd Birthday yesterday. He had a great day going golfing with his dad and friends. You can tell in the pics he got a lot of sun. His mother came to visit and spend a couple nights with us. The girls loved seeing her and playing games with her.
Thanks for coming Elizabeth.
Family, Brooke is asleep.
Family with Grandma

Creative gift from my mom, it’s an ATM Machine filled with money.
Megan and Emilee put the candles on the cake. Three on each side for 33.

Matt blowing out the candles. I hope he made a good wish! I love the girls faces in this one. They are copying Matt’s face.