Last Day of School

Emilee finished her last day of 1st grade today! She had a GREAT year and loved 1st grade. 🙂 I have to contribute a lot of this to her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Bauer. She is absolutely Amazing!
Congrats Emilee!

Her class and their funny faces. Emilee’s on the far right.
What a great group of kids. I can’t believe all she’s learned in just one year.
Mrs. Bauer and Emilee
Emilee made the cutest candy bar poster for her teacher.
Mrs. Bauer loved it!
Mrs. Bauer gave me a gift card for volunteering in class.
WoW! How nice is that?

Preschool Graduate!

Congratulations Megan! Our Megan graduation from preschool this week. She is so ready for Kindergarten and she thinks it starts next week. 🙂

She was so mature and cute at her graduation and I am so proud at all she has accomplished. She goes to the BEST preschool ever! I can’t believe the creative things she has told me about and brought home with her. She will miss it so much. At the end of the year, Miss Carrie makes a video with pictures and music about the whole year. It is such a great gift! Thanks Miss Carrie.

Megan gets her preschool diploma from her teacher, Miss Carrie.
Singing songs about what they’ve learned.
Throwing their hats in the air.

The whole class. Graduates in the back.

Megs with Brooke and I.
Megs with her preschool diploma.

Miss Carrie and Megs. We will miss her sooooooo much!!!

Sedona Trip

We went to Sedona this past weekend and it was so much fun! The views there are breathtaking. The girls had a blast as they loved exploring the area. Brooke is walking all over the place so she had a great time as well. Pics are on our website. Click HERE.


It’s Official!

It’s what we expected!

I am shocked and I shouldn’t be, but I can’t help it. This is just so CRAZY! I’m super excited though. Brooke and Baby will only be 19 months apart. Out of 17 grandchildren on my side of the family, 15 of them are GIRLS! All I can say is… GIRL POWER! 🙂


Seussical, The Musical

Emilee was in her 1st school play last weekend. She has been going to practices for the past few months and it’s been a lot of work! She loved being a part of it, but when it was all over I asked her if she would ever want to do that again and she said “NEVER!” She may change her mind, but as of now she is officially worn out. Although, she continues to sing and play the musical cd at home.

Emilee waving to us as she goes on stage.

It’s hard to capture the movement in pictures, but we got great video footage of the play.

These two pics came from the video camera. In the top one Emilee sees Megan and is waving to her. In the bottom one she is making the best face, I am so glad I could capture it.

Much of The Cast.

Grandma came to watch Emilee in her 1st play.

Megan loved the play. She was mesmerized by the performances.

Emilee loved her flowers.

Great Job Emilee. We are so proud of you!

Happy Mothers Day!

The best part of Mothers Day is to see what fun gifts the girls have made.

Me with my three girls on our grass in our backyard.
We made cupcakes for Megan’s birthday to celebrate at her preschool. Notice the bottom lefthand corner cupcake. Megan was eating the frosting off. I guess she just couldn’t wait. 🙂

Megan Turns Five!

Megan celebrated her 5th birthday this weekend. It is the off-year so instead of doing a friends party we do whatever she wants to do and go wherever she wants to eat. This year Megs chose to go to Pump-it-Up to play and Red Robin to eat. She had a great Birthday and she is so excited to finally be five. She is excited to… go on the rock climbing wall at our gym (you have to be at least 5) and start Kindergarten in the fall. For pics from her special day, click HERE.

Brookee’s Sunglasses

Who knew glasses could be this much FUN?

It’s hard to tell in a picture, but she is laughing so hard.

Putting them on herself.

What a Cheeeeeeeeeser! I love how you can see her teeth good here. A lot of people think she only has two teeth on the bottom (one being the original one she was born with), but really there are four more up top.