Snapshots of Brooke

Brooke is 16 months. She is growing up too fast for me. I got her ready for church and saw her playing with this cutest wooden chair that her Grandma, Elizabeth, got Emilee when she was little. I loved watching her get in and out of it over and over again, laughing and having such a fun time that I grabbed the camera and shot away. It was fun to use the mirror in the shots I took. I love how she matches the chair soooooooo well!


Waterslide FUN

We had some friends over for a water slide and pool day. The girls had a fun time playing on the water slide. Our friends brought it over and it is HUGE! The kids played on it wet and dry. It was too big for Brooke, but she loved watching it all.

I love this picture of claire with her arms up high. She looks like she is going down a hill on a roller coaster.

Relaxing in the pool after being on the water slide.

More Swimming!

Swimming at Matt’s Dads place. The girls love going over there in the summer! I love the water because it is salt water and not chlorine. Feels so much softer on my skin and doesn’t dry out my eyes.

Swimming at a friends house. The girls love the diving board. Even Matt had a few tricks up his sleeve for entertainment. 🙂

At the gym swimming. They had a pirate party with a bunch of activities, food, and face painting. Again, the girls love this!

Pirate face paint.

Girls doing the tube races.



This is our garden! Matt has done a fantastic job of making it grow. He put in the water system and planted all the veggies, herbs, and flowers. It has turned out so great. This is his first attempt and I know next year he will do some things different (like spacing things further apart), but I love it all. Details below.
If you know me well, you know my favorite flowers are sunflowers.
He grew sunflowers for me. I’m amazed at these each time I look out my window or drive by my house. I never knew sunflowers could be so big and tall and strong and beautiful!
Matt and his delicious tomatoes he grew. They are all different kinds. I love the small (pop in you mouth) yellow ones. He loves the Heirloom tomatoes.

We are growing our own pumpkins that should be ready this fall for Halloween. I love how BIG the leaves are. You can see one growing there toward the left of the picture.

We have other flowers in our garden.

These are all different herbs. Cilantro, basil, and rosemary. There is also artichokes growing in the middle plant. I’m so excited for those to be done. We love artichokes and they look delicious.

Brookee in her jamis playing in the grass.
Brookee just melts all of our hearts. I love watching Matt with her.

Emilee’s Swim Meet

Emilee is on Swim Team this year and today was their first Swim Meet! She did such a good job and it was so fun to watch her swim so hard. She raced with Freestyle, Breast stroke, Backstroke, and Butterfly. She also raced an IM (Indiviual Medley) at the end, which means she does 100 M of each stroke – fly, back, breast, and free. She got five ribbons in all and took either first or second place in each race. Great job Emilee! WOW! We got lots of pics and video of this great event. We went to our gym afterward to swim and they were doing a fun carnival with ice cream, snowcones, and face painting. The girls love going down the slides and it was a great way to celebrate Emilee’s swim meet. Click HERE to see all the pics.



In the summer in AZ – this is what you do… this is ALL you do… SWIM, SWIM, SWIM!

Taking Brooke for a ride.

Love the see-through windows in the pool.

Brookee’s special pool.
The big girls had just as much fun in it.

Fascinated with running water. Always trying to catch it.

So Sweet!

Trying to walk in the water. It’s a challenge.


Memorial Day Weekend!

We went with four other couples and their families to a cabin up in Pinedale, by ShowLow for the weekend. It was so much fun. Our girls had a blast playing with all the kiddos. There are 13 kids amongst us all and two on the way. 🙂
The highlight of the weekend was riding on the Ranger and Zip lining through the trees. The weekend went too fast as they always do and I can’t wait to do it again!
We took over 500 pics. The highlights are on our website.
Click HERE to see pics.
Thanks everyone for making the trip a great success!
The guys
The girls (we’re missing Leah)

The kids. (we’re missing Casen and Drew)