Matt and I met in Cincinnati for a long weekend. He was already there for work, so I flew over. My sisters watched our girls for us while we were gone and we are so grateful to them as we had such a wonderful time. This may be a place Matt and I move to at some point in his career so it was good for me to see what it is like. Matt has been there a million times, but I had never been before. Procter and Gamble’s Headquarters are there and wow! was I impressed! Everyone knew P&G and everything was named after or sponsored by P&G. It was really cool to see. Thanks Matt for such a great weekend!!! Thanks family for watching our girls!!!

P&G Headquarters. Called the “Towers”
Two great big grass areas on the grounds of P&G.
Matt was being a good sport, letting me take all these pictures of him. The Central building is next to the Towers building.
Inside the Central building.

One of the main theaters in Cincinnati, sponsored by P&G.

Many of P&G’s products.
Fountain Square, which is considered the middle of the city.
I have to laugh because each time we asked someone to take a picture of us at the fountain we would say “get the whole fountian in it, we don’t care if our body is in it.” We took a ton of pictures with different people. It kind of became a game to me. 🙂 Sure enough, not one time did someone get the top of the fountain. What’s wrong with these people?
Newport on The Levee. A place with shopping, restaurants, and movies.
This is actually in Kentucky, but shows the Cincinnati skyline great with The Mississippi River.
We saw an foreign wedding in the middle of the street in the city on Saturday morning.
The big movie screen at Fountain Square. People are camped out at the square watching Where The Wild Things Are. Matt says he’ll watch sport games on it from his hotel room, as the Westin is across the street..
The Fountain at night.

This building behind us changes colors throughout the night. Really pretty.
Our Hotel. The Cincinnatian is one of the oldest hotels in the city. It was very traditional and beautiful.

Cherry Hill!

Cherry Hill is a waterpark in Farmington. We love going there. We had such a great time. My sister, Tina, and I laid in the lazy river for a while and then we joined the girls and went on all the waterslides.

Cousins that went to the waterpark.
Taken from the bridge over the lazy river.
Ems relaxing.
Girls with their tubes.

Tina and I.

The Pirate Ship

Pirate splash area.

Megs loves Mermaids

Cardiac Canyon River Ride. My Favorite ride!

Double Dragon Ride.
Megan came out backwards. Kind of Scary!
Great Rainbow. At the end of the day.

More Pics From Utah Trip

More Swimming
Brooke jumping off the diving board.
I swear this little one has NO FEAR!
Megan jumping onto the surf board. They played with these for hours.
Ems with her princess cruise ship.

Brookee at the swimming pool.

Brooke and Friend, Zac. He is about half her age.

Cousins at the park party

Matching Dora jamis.

The Dinosaur Museum

All the girls. It’s great having older girl helpers for Brooke.
Playing in the wet sand.
The start of making a dam. It got really BIG.

Making mountain volcanoes with the wet sand.
Loved watching Megan make this creation. They were so busy playing here for the longest time.
Finding Dinosaur bones.
Brooke even loved it.
Ali and Megs in the exhibit.
Creating a two headed Dinosaur.
Brookee with a dinosaur just her size.
Seriously, the scariest shark ever. My girls look soooo scared, I know. 🙂

Afterward lunch and ice cream.

Pics from Utah Trip

We are having such a fun time here and truly enjoying the weather. The girls can’t get enough of their cousins and I can’t get enough of my sisters. 🙂 It’s the PERFECT trip!

Hanging out in the hammock.

Brookee loving the piano.

Swim TIME!

Grandpa with his granddaughters.
In the floaties.

Using the underwater camera.

Fun hairstyles.

Highland Splash Park

This splash park is very unique. It’s pretty new. The fountains all come up at different times and then all together. It makes it very entertaining to the kids. Then they have a man made river with big rocks in it for the kids to play in. Kind of too big for Brooke, but she likes it anyway.

In the river.

Brookee is not scared of the water at all. It can be kinda scary. I have to watch her like a hawk. She will jump into the pool, laughing, and I’ve had to pull her out a couple of times. She submerges completely in the water, holding her breath, and then wants to do it again. I love watching her with it though because she has such a fun time. Emilee and Megan were/are the same way.

Sara with Brooke

Court and Megs with Grandpa.
Relaxing on the warm ground.

Summer in Utah

Every Summer I go up to Utah for a month or more. I stay with each of my sisters in Salt Lake and with my parents down in St. George. By the end of my trip I feel like I have so many pics that it is overwhelming to post them all at one time. This summer I thought I would post them throughout my trip.

On our drive up we stopped in Kingman where Barb. and Keagan met us at the gas station.
Brookee and Amanda playing in the sand box.
At Cowabunga Bay Waterpark
With lots of our cousins.
Emilee, Madi, and Britney

Kari with a bunch of the girls
Amanda and Kari
Lazy River

Kim, Kari, and Tina

Megs with Court
My girls had a BLAST!!!

4th of July Weekend

We had a great 4th of July weekend. We went up to Flagstaff where the temps are sooooo much cooler. I needed to get out of this heat!!! The high was 82. The night was cold. On the 4th we went to a fish hatchery outside of Sedona to catch some fish for the barbeque. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. I had to twist Matt’s arm to go. I am convinced this is the way to FISH!!! The girls absolutely loved it and thought it was so cool catching fish. We went to the country club to swim while Matt golfed and to a carnival that night. It was a fun filled weekend and I am completely exhausted.

Family on The 4th of July!

The girls posing and doing funny faces.

Chilling on the deck.

Brooke at the fish hatchery.

Feeding the fish.

Emilee fishing.

Love this face!
Megan’s turn
Emilee catching the fish with the net.
Emilee’s trout.
Megan’s trout.

Watching show with headphones. Not really!


We painted our toes American colors. We all have a different “ABC” pattern. 🙂
Brookee holding the flag.
The girls at the carnival.

On top of the car ready to watch the fireworks.
Happy 4th!


I am in Utah with my sisters and we went to “The Twilight Series – Eclipse.” Here in Utah my sister and her friends rented out a whole theater and invited all their friends and family to go with them. How Fun! When I found out the showing would start at 5:15pm rather than midnight, I was in!!! Being pregnant, I would not last a midnight showing. In fact, when we came out of the movie we saw the crowds and crowds lining up waiting for midnight. It was CRAZY! I had a great time all day with my sisters chatting, eating out, and shopping and this made me look forward to our girls trip we do every year! Thanks for making this so much fun. BTW, loved the movie. It’s the best one yet!

Me with my three sisters.
In the car ride on the way there.
Kayli, my oldest neice, and I.
I love how Bella looks jealous in the background.
I swear I am the only Edward Fan!
After the movie, on our way out. We went to dinner after because it was only 7:30pm.