Friends Weekend!

Every year we have a weekend we all spend together as friends. It includes 20+ couples and singles too. The ladies all get together on the Friday night to have a girls night out. The men all get together to play golf on Sat. and Basketball. At night they do their football draft. The ladies go swim with all the kids (what else is there to do in August?) It’s such a fun time and also very exhausting. I look forward to this weekend every year!
Friday night Girls!
All the pregnant friends from (left to right) soonest to POP!
Lifetime Pool Party!

Emily, Kim , Amy, and Lindsey
Ems with Mariyah

Megs with Brookie
The Ladies and some of the kids.

All of us together in the pool!
Some of the guys showed up at the end for lunch and to play basketball.

Back To School

Walking to the school.

Emilee and Megan now at the same school together.

The girls with their PROUD Mom!
Brookee sure is going to miss these two.
Emilee before she ran off. Excited as can be!

Megan FINALLY going to all-day Kindergarten.
She was just as excited!

Megan with Daddy.

Megan going into her classroom.
She already loves her new teacher, Mrs. Keith.

Emilee Turns 7!

Emilee’s birthday was yesterday. She had a great time spending it with family. She got a lot of fun presents and we got to do some fun things. She wanted to go to Peter Piper Pizza for dinner and to play games so that’s where we spent our evening.
Happy Birthday Emilee!
Click HERE for pics from our fun day.

St. George

On our way back from Salt Lake we stayed in St. George for a week to be with my parents. We had a great time visiting with them and doing all my girls favorite things there. Matt’s mother, Elizabeth came and stayed one night. My friend, Angee and her girls came and stayed a night. The week went too fast, but then again so did our whole month trip!

Grandma with her girls!

Grandpa taking the girls to the pool.

Brooke loved playing in this boat.
Grandpa swinging Brookee around. She just laughed and laughed.

Brooke loved hanging out in this basket.

Neilsen’s custard with Angee’s girls. It’s a tradition, we go there every visit.

Angee, Kim, and Raschell
The Froggy pool. My girls favorite place there.
Outside at The Pirate Island

Me with my mom and aunt Lynda.
Pirates… Arrgh!


Ems and Brooke going down the slide that lands into a big sandbox.
Can’t wait to go back!!!

More pics from Cincinnati

While Matt and I were on our trip, I kept complaining about the pics I was taking because I didn’t feel like any of them were turning out that great. I didn’t have our nice camera with me. Matt said he has brought our nice camera here and that he has some great shots of all the things I wanted to capture. Boy, was he right! I can’t believe what a difference it makes to have a great camera over a mediocre one. These pics below are pics Matt has taken and I feel like they really do justice to what I saw. I even feel like they look like postcards.

Procter and Gamble Headquarters

Beautiful Walkway on the P&G grounds

Waterfall next to the fountain.
The beautiful Fountain. I love the way the water is captured.