Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great Thanksgiving.
The best part was that I didn’t have to do anything!!! 🙂
I have hosted so many Thanksgivings while Matt and I have been married and even when we’ve gone other places we’ve done the Turkey or other main dishes. This year I was completely off the hook and I mean completely. We brought the Pumpkin Pie and just enjoyed the company. It was the perfect year for this since just having a baby. We spent the day with Grandpa Rocco and Rosie and other friends and family. Thank you Rocco and Rosie for the invite. The food was Amazing and Rosie, you really outdid yourself!

Family on Thanksgiving Day. The weather was beautiful and sunny!

Our three oldest girls
Rocco with Danielle. He is such a great Grandpa!
We really enjoy living by family.

Mommy with Baby Dani – she looks drunk.

Baby’s first Thanksgiving.

Matt and I at the dinner table.

Megan’s Dance Class

Megan took dance this fall. It was a dance/pom class. They danced with pom poms and it was adorable. Sooooooo cute! Megs did a great job. She’s a natural! I loved her moves and her smiles. 🙂

Waving her arms around.
Love this pose.

The whole dance class.
The class was made up of 5-7 year olds. Megan is one of the younger ones.
Emilee came to watch, but she did not want to be in dance this time.

4 Weeks Old

Baby Danielle is 4 weeks old today. My brother, Dan, gave her this cutest outfit ever! It is a pink tiger hooded dress with leggings by Anne Geddes. I love it so much! Thanks Dan! 🙂

Megan wanted to get in the picture.

3 Weeks Old

Megan with Danielle. Matching outfits.

Megan kissing baby. Brooke wanted to kiss her too.

After Dani’s bath

Brooke getting in the baby bouncer. I hope she doesn’t break it.
Love Brooke’s smile here. She is laughing and that always makes the best, most natural smiles.
My friend made this baby blanket for Dani and I love it. It’s been highly anticipated! 🙂 It is so comfy soft on this side and silky soft “pink” on the other side. Thanks Angee!
If you thought Brooke was big before, she looks gigantic when next to baby Danielle.

Helping baby with her binky.

School Pictures

The girls school pictures came back.
I like them both for different reasons.
I think Emilee is so photogenic. She always has the same smile. She loves to smile with her whole mouth/teeth. She’s always been this way. 🙂
Megan’s smile is funny to me. It’s as if the photographer took the picture before she got into her full smile. She has many different smiles in pics I take. Maybe, it’s a stage she’s in. Anyway, I don’t want to do retakes because I think having pictures like this is fun to look back on and more important… she loves it and so do I! 🙂
Emilee – 2nd Grade, Megan – Kindergarten

Happy Anniversary Matt!

Matt and I are celebrating our eighth year Anniversary today. Eight Years! WOW! It’s fun to reminisce about all the things we’ve done. We’ve moved four times, lived in four homes, and we have four girls. WOW! What an adventure it has been. 🙂

Matt did something different and fun for me this year. He always buys me roses, but this year he got really creative. Because I am home a lot more with our new baby, he left me roses all through the house in all the rooms I spend the most time in. What a great idea! I love it!!! I can enjoy my roses so much more now. Thanks Matt! I love you and them sooooo much!
Here they are…
In the Kitchen
In the Bedroom
In the Bathroom

In the Office

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween is always a FUN time of year with four girls in the house. I love dressing them all up and I love dressing up as well. I wish my husband liked it better. He thinks being the same thing every year is FUN. 🙂 I think it’s fun to get creative. I actually made Emilee’s costume this year because they didn’t have it in a kid size. It was fun to even dress Baby Dani up at two weeks old. I love the pea costume and the size of the peas are each as big as her head. Every year we carve pumpkins, have a church Halloween party, and go trick-or-treating. All of our pictures are on our website. Click HERE to see them.