Christmas in Utah

We spent over a week up in Utah for Christmas. It was great being with family and cousins. The girls all got these fun jami shirts on Christmas Eve that my sisters and I bought on our girls trip for this purpose. We all have one too from our trip in Vegas. The girls were ecstatic about these shirts and I am really glad we bought them for each of them. We even got one for Dani before she was born. I took over 500 pics on our trip so I put some of them on our webpage. Click HERE to view them.



The girls were ecstatic to play in the snow once we got to Salt Lake. The only problem was… there was no snow. We drove up the mountains and the girls played for hours.

with cousin Haylee




Brooke had a blast in the snow.
Sooooooo FUN!
Too cold for baby, but I had to get a picture anyway.

Laying by the fire. Happy as can be.

The Blessing of Danielle Karen Anselmo

The Sunday before Christmas, Danielle was blessed while we were up in Utah. We were surrounded by much of our family. It seemed like the perfect place and time to bless her. Matt gave a great blessing and it was a special day. Danielle is named after my mother and my brother. My mother made a beautiful cake to go along with the blessing. It was a spiritual time and really fit in to the Christmas Spirit! Pics are on our website. Click HERE to view them.


Great Decorations

We live right by this shopping area. I love the decorations they do here. I’ve been meaning to get pics of my girls by them for some time now and I finally did it. Here they are.

The Soldier

The Star

I love these ornaments

They get even bigger!
Just some candid pics of my girls playing on the bars.
These kinds of pictures always turn out the best.

I love laughing pictures. They look the most natural.

Christmas in our home

Christmas pictures of the Christmas trees the girls decorated. They did all the trees by themselves.

All four girls under one of the trees with their Santa hats.

The Christmas tree is a magnet to Brookee.


Emilee and Megan decorated our big tree. It looks funny this year because it’s lopsided with ornaments so Brooke can’t get to them. Unfortunately, still one too many have broken.
The princess tree in their room.
The girls making Gingerbread cookies. We have eaten way too many of these this year.
The girls stockings I made this year so they could all match.

Mesa Temple Christmas Lights

The meaning of Christmas!

Our family under the star. I love this star.


Matt and I with the lights behind us.
Baby and Brooke in the packs.

Megan and Emilee with The Wise Men.
That night there was a choir singing Christmas music.
It is always a beautiful sight at the Temple lights.

Ward Christmas Party!

I love going to our Ward Christmas Party because Santa is always there. The girls love seeing Santa! We had a great night. The food was good and the program was uplifting.

Emilee saw Santa first to tell him what she wanted for Christmas.
Megan went second. I love the Cheezer smiles on these girls faces. 🙂
Brooke did this same thing last year. I have this exact picture of her. She could not keep her eyes off Santa. He was so intriguing to her.

My sweet, precious baby Dani on Santa’s lap. I love this picture!
She is the best Christmas present ever!

Mischievous Brooke!
I love this little ones smile.
Brooke was fascinated with the drinking fountain.
This is how we always find Danielle at the end of the night.

Friends Christmas Party 2010

This is the Christmas Party we look forward to the most every year! It is so much fun and we love our friends!

The whole group

Gift exchange. That is Mike.

Drinking straw glasses. Classic!
Nice Lanae! I love your reaction.

Matt and I by the tree

Love getting Dani to smile now.
She is OUT!