MLK Jr. Day Hike

Every year we try and go on a hike with our friends. This year we went to Usery Park in Mesa. A great place to go and hike with little ones! We had a great time as always. We absolutely love being with our friends. And the kids all play and get along so well. It was a lot warmer than I had anticipated, but that was a good thing.
We love the warm weather here!

My oldest and my youngest.
Kim, Lanae, and Kim with babies.

Brooke walked part the way.
Climbing up and up!

Getting to the top of the BIG rock.

Pics from up high!
Emilee and Jeff at the top.

Megan peeking over the ledge.

All the kiddos on a large rock. They are all so cute!!!

Brian, Matt, Dave, and Mike.
Brookee tired and worn out.
Megs posing.

Ems on the top of another big rock.

Great Views!
Brooke loves the slide.

The kids played at the playground while we ate lunch.

Even the Dads had fun playing at the playground. 🙂

Baby Dani is 3 Months

We took Danielle’s 3 Month Pictures on Saturday. I can’t believe she is already 3 months. She is just still so tiny. We absolutely love her to pieces. I love her big smile and her bright blue eyes. I’m really hoping they stay blue! We got her smiling and even laughing pretty good. It’s so fun taking our own pictures. Matt took the pictures and I am by his side talking to her to get her to smile so she is actually looking at me in most of the pictures. Dani will be getting her lip surgery done in a couple of weeks. She needed to be 3 months and at least 10 pounds. Pics of her at 3 months are on her webpage. Click HERE to see them.


New Years Eve!

To start off our evening we went out to dinner with friends.
We left the kids all home with a couple babysitters.

Lanae, Kim and I

Matt, Dave and Brian
Baby Dani came with us.
Dani’s 1st New Year.
She is all ready to Celebrate!

Brookee had fun blowing the horns.

The kids all celebrated The New Year at 10pm. (with New York)
We had a sleepover at our home with our friends.
We’ve done this a few years now. Fun Times!
Happy New Year!!!