St. George Trip

We went to St. George last weekend for Presidents Day. We had a great time, but let’s just say it was a lot of work to travel with four at this stage of our life for such a short period of time. Much more work than play, but we are glad we did it because all of the cousins were there.
Emilee and Megan with Dani in her Bumbo.

Girls with their Justin Beiber shirts. We went to see his show and we all Loved it! I have a mini crush on him. 🙂 He is just so stinkin cute! I love how pure his voice is and his songs are Amazing! His whole story is incredible!!!

Brookee chillin on the deck. She looks so cute and innocent – and she is, but boy is she busy!!!

Kayli and Dani. Kayli is so cute. She absolutely loves baby Dani and held her a lot of the time.
The crazy thing is Dani really could be her baby. Kayli is the oldest grandchild and Dani is the youngest. There is less years between me and Kayli, than between Kayli and Dani. Weird to think about!

Courtney and Megan
A bunch of GIRLS!!! This is only eight of the fifteen there.

Happy Valentines Everyone!

Valentines this year was SUPER fun!

The girls had their parties and valentines.
They got cute new outfits and watches from us.
Then they got to go play at friends house all night!

Megan’s box she made to put her Valentines in.
Emilee was making hers in her class at school.

Dani’s First Valentines!


Love her BUM! 🙂
Here’s Brookee! How can I forget about her. She is our little trouble maker. 🙂 It’s just the stage. She is sooooo BUSY!!!
***Below pics are all taken from our camera on our phone.

Matt and I went out to dinner at AHSO! We both LOVE sushi. 🙂
The hostess gave a rose to Matt to give to me. What a great idea!
We went shopping and found all kinds of great deals.
Talk about a BIG bow! What if I put this on my baby?
Now that’s a bow bigger than her head.

I wish you could see Dani’s face in this pic.
She is smiling and laughing. 🙂

Danielle’s First Surgery

Last Thursday our baby Dani had her first surgery to repair her lip. The surgery went well – about three hours and she was home an hour after that. The first few days she was highly medicated and swollen. She was also very sleepy and content. The next few days were difficult as she was sad and uncomfortable. She struggled with eating and sleeping long periods. She had nasal stents in her nose for support up until today. Her nose is red and irritated from them. Those couldn’t have been comfortable. She is still wearing arm restraints to keep her from touching her mouth which we take off on Sunday. Can’t wait! She is missing her fingers and thumb. 🙂 We saw the surgeon, Dr. Singh, today for a follow-up and we are all pleased with her results. I hated watching Dani in pain and I am so glad the first surgery is over. Her next surgery will be in June to repair her palate.
Her Surgeon, Dr. Singh. She is Amazing!

One week (tomorrow) post surgery.

Happy Baby!

Trip to San Diego

Last Weekend I went to San Diego with my family for a fun vacation. It was great to be without kids for a few days. We had a great time… shopping, going to Sea World, playing games and enjoying each other’s company. My mom and dad kept mentioning how it felt like our own little family vacations again. So True! Except my sister, Kathy was unable to come. She had a trip of her own planned. Thanks to Matt for watching the girls while I was gone. I took lots of video at Sea World and also lots of pics, as always! Click HERE to see them.