We are moving to The Queen City!

One of the exciting things about Matt working in sales with a corporate company is the opportunity to move around and live in many different cities. Matt got a promotion with P&G which will move us to Cincinatti. Procter and Gamble’s Headquarters are there so we knew we would make this stop at some point. It will be a fun adventure. We will miss all of our friends and family. Ohio seems so far away. We will move in the summer after Dani’s surgery. In the meantime, Matt will be working here and there. We will sell our house here and buy a house on that end. The next few months will be very BUSY!

We found a new home for Sammy. He will not be moving with us. We decided to leave him in warm and sunny Phoenix. Bye, bye Sammy, we will miss you! Thanks Jones’ for providing such a great home for him.

Megan is closest to Sammy. She spent lots of time with him after preschool. This is her with one of the tricks she’s taught him – the shake.

Ems playing with Sammy.
When we took Sammy to his new home, I realized I didn’t have any pics of Dani with Sammy.

Rocco and Rosie took Matt and I out to dinner to celebrate Matt’s promotion. We will miss living by family. Matt With Dani at dinner. Her shirt says… I get my good looks from Daddy. 🙂
Sammy was gone by the time The Charons stayed with us and it’s a good thing because this little guy does not like dogs. But he does love babies. Riley is absolutely in love with Dani. It is so cute to see him with her. Precious!
Seriously? This really happened? Baby fell asleep while playing. Well, it was her bedtime. Matt put her down to play for a few minutes and this is what he came back to. Will someone please put baby Dani to bed?

Two Years Old!

Brooke turned two a couple weeks ago, but we just got her pictures done this past weekend. We went to a park we love to take pictures at. This was such an enjoyable photo shoot because we just let her run loose. She climbed on the bench and under it… sat on the grass and played on the bridge. She was all over the place. It made it so much easier on us to just take a bunch of candid shots. I can’t believe all the different expression we got of this little one. We knew some would turn out that would work perfect for what we wanted. This really is the best way to shoot a busy two year old. We worked on some of the pics to make the colors stand out more. It’s amazing to me what you can do in Photoshop to really sharpen the images for printing. Click HERE to see Brooke’s pics.


Spring Break!

Spring Break was a huge Success! We did so many fun things and got together with so many fun people. We love our friends and neighbors here. My girls can’t get enough of being with and playing with all of them. 🙂
Girls at the park.
The girls ride their bikes to the park. Emilee is falling down a lot.
Luckily, this time she was on the grass.
Love this pic of Megan and Dani. Sooooo Cute!

Brookee on the slide

Jumping on the tramp with Friend, IsaBelle.
Swim time!

We Love spending time with these girlies.

Lily and Emilee.
Going up and down the waterslide. Too much Fun!
Girls with The Walnum boys playing and having a picnic.
Now Megan loves laying down to take pics with Dani. They do turn out cute.
Playing with water is so much Fun!

It’s so nice to just go outside and instantly have friends to play with. We love living here! Our neighbor friends are so much fun. We are always outside riding bikes and playing with them.
And to top it off… they are all a bunch of girls!

Pulling this wagon is harder than it looks.
Lots of Girls!

Megs, Ems, and Sonia.
Brookee was having a blast in the wagon.

All Four Girls on St. Patty’s Day!
Ems and Dani
Best Sisters! I love having these two so close.
Baby in her bumbo
Swimming with The Jones’ and The Taits. I love their company. Our conversations are always so enjoyable. Such good friends!

Megs and Jeff

Megs, Ava, Ben, and Ems

Tait girls were so cute with Baby Dani.

Ben and Ems chillin’ while eating lunch.


What would I do without Lifetime Fitness? I Love, love, love going here. Honestly, it’s my refuge. I can put my girls in the play center and workout or lay by the pool and read a book. It saves me in the summer since we can go there in 100+ degrees and swim. The girls love the different programs they have and their favorite is to rock climb. Emilee is the daring one as she’s mastered ten different climbs. Buying into The Lifetime Founders membership is one of the best investments Matt and I have made. We Love it!
Rock Climbers

A couple pics from swimming. I always take way too many pictures to put on the blog so I included ALL the pics on our website again. Click HERE to see them.

Two Years Old

Guess who’s Two???

Brookee Is!!!

Brooke is such a spunky little girl. She is the silent little troublemaker. She is so beautiful… it’s the hair. I want it! She is so loved and so special. We are so happy to have her as part of our family. She had a great Birthday shared with family – Grandpa Rocco and Rosie and her cousins, The Charons. Click HERE to see pics from her Birthday!


Feels like Summer

Matt’s sister, Barb and her family are moving to Phoenix. They are staying with us until they get into their house. We have had a fun-filled week with them being here. There isn’t a dull moment! The girls love being with their cousins. Our kids’ ages match up really well. It feels like summer here. The weather has been Amazing! We’ve been outside playing most of the days. It is so nice. We are loving it! Click HERE for pics of our time together.