Happy Easter

Easter is always a weekend of activities. With egg coloring, egg finding, and baskets it gets to be a big day. So we usually make two days out of it instead of just one. Click HERE to see the pics.

My little Easter bunny.

Girls in their Easter dresses. Megan gave a very cute Easter talk in Primary.

Easter eggs the girls got in the mail from Grandma Elizabeth. I didn’t even know you could send them in the mail like that. It was so fun to see them in the mailbox.

Easter bunnies from Grandma Karen.

Six months

My little baby is six months already. Going by too FAST!
HERE are her pics we took to celebrate six months. Dani is such a happy baby. She is always smiling. She is also still sooooo tiny. Dani’s eyes just light up the room. They are so big and glossy and the perfect shade of BLUE! Love her more and more each day.

Bike Party!

My friend had a great idea to have a bike party at the park since the kids were all out of school today. We got together, decorated bikes, and then had a parade. It was a fun time. Tonight we took our bikes out and rode them to the gas station nearby. It was quite the adventure. I was very impressed with my girls riding abilities.

Lining up for the parade.

Ems with Lilly

Megs – Chicks Rule!
Emilee’s bike had a crushed empty water bottle on the back wheel which would rattle as she would go and got louder the faster she went. It sounded just like a motorcycle. It’s actually really cool and sounds like the real thing. Watch the video below.
Relaxing at the park.
Brooke was the cutest with her riding skills and it was always great to know where she was with the cans jingling on the ground.

Looking back at me making sure she’s okay to continue on.
Fun memories!

The pictures are cute, but the video shows it the best.

Kim’s Birthday!

Loved my birthday. I had a spa day with a pedicure and massage. Went to lunch with Matty and dinner with my family. Matt took me out on a date the next night. Also got to celebrate with friends the following week.

Baby Cakes! I love her to pieces. Oh, and she’s six months already. Wow!
Me with my girls on my birthday. Love these people!
Matt and I. Love of my life!
I love you too!
Chocolate bundt cake that didn’t even last 24 hrs. Crazy Good!
Gift my sister-in-law made me. They are cake pops shaped into strawberries. Amazing to the taste and very delicious! She is so creative. Thanks Barb. Love ya girl!
Dinner with GREAT friends!

The Reeses peanut butter cup cheesecake. To Die For!

School Carnival

The girls had their school carnival a couple weeks ago and they were excited to go. This is our first year going and it was a blast for them.

Waiting to get tickets

The girls ride the mechanical bull. Emilee was competitive.
She would not let go for the life of her.

They were very impressive!
Watch Megs and Ems video.

Emilee with her friends.
Lazer tag. They went into a dark blowup to play.
Home of the Pirates! Arrrrgh!

Matty’s Birthday!

Matt turned 34 on April 2nd. To celebrate Matt’s Birthday we went out with some of our closest friends. We missed those of you who couldn’t make it. We know next year we will not be here with our friends so we are trying to see them as much as we can before we move. We had a great time. Thanks everyone for coming. Happy Birthday Matt!!!