School Programs

The end of the year school programs were last week. It was fun to go and watch my girls perform. Grandma and Grandpa were here so my mom could go with me and my dad could stay home with Brooke. The girls were excited to have us there. I love when the curtain opens and their eyes are looking all over trying to find us and then once they do, their eyes light up and they get the biggest smile on their face and they wave their hands. So cute! I have it on video!

Click HERE to see the pics.

Mother’s Day!

I am so proud to be the mother of four beautiful daughters. I like spending my time playing games with my girls. I can’t get enough of being with family and friends. I love creating memories that I will forever cherish. My most precious possessions are my family whom I love very much!

Happy Mother’s Day to All!
Present from the girls. Yes, I just woke up.
This was right after the breakfast in bed from the whole family.

Present from Matt. My husband spoils me way too much! Totally caught me by surprise. I had a laptop computer that was old, but worked fine. Matt wanted me to update my computer to a new one that has an internal camera so we can Skype with each other since he is gone a lot now commuting with his new position. Now we can Skype while I’m with the girls on vacation too. I am excited about the wide screen and the movies I can stream on here. I am 100% positive I will like it more. What a nice surprise!
Here we are in the same room on Skype testing it out on the new comp. I thought it looked funny to be in the same room while on Skype. I had to take a picture. This one’s for you Kari!

My Daisies
Cute poem from Megan. Emilee did some really cute and creative things too. I love to read their answers to questions about me. My moms favorite thing to do is Clean. I guess that’s what they see me doing most often so it makes sense they would think I love it. Something else, “Mommy you’re a good cook and you don’t even use a cookbook.” 🙂
This is a book Emilee made me with a picture she drew with writing all around it about what she likes about me. I love the flip flops. Creative!

Dream Big! Love this black onesie.

My precious Dani.
Nothing makes Mother’s Day better than having a sweet baby in our home!

Megan turns SIX!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Megan! I love you soooooo much. Megan, is such a good girl. She can be dramatic at times… but most of the time she is patient, loving, and caring. She is always willing to help me and I see a lot of natural mother-like qualities in her.

Megs had a fun birthday party with her friends. It was a pajama party. The girls made a cute frame craft. They played fun games, and we did balloon animals. Megan wanted Donuts with whipping cream for her birthday cake. Pics from her party are HERE.

Temple with Friends

We are in a really hard stage of life to get to the Temple often. But when our friends planned a temple day, which we’ve never done before, we did not want to miss it. Since we were gone that day for 6+ hrs. because we did dinner too. It would have been very hard to get a babysitter to be responsible for four girls for that long so I used my best friend from up here to take my girls and she was Amazing. I am so grateful for her and I will miss her sooooo much!

These friends are Priceless to us. We love them so much! We will miss them too when we leave, but we know our relationships will always be there and we plan on all retiring by each other someday. How fun will that be???
I will miss the sunsets in AZ. What a beautiful day!

Amanda Visits

Amanda came to visit us with Grandpa last weekend. The girls had so much fun with their cousin. She could fit right into our family. She is right in between Megan and Brooke. They loved having her here. They all played so cute.
Cold Stone Ice Cream. YUM!
Bath bubbles. This picture is hard to look at because it’s blurry, but I still had to include it.
Amanda and Megs

Dani on Grandpa’s lap

Swimming is their favorite thing to do.
Brookee is always playing with lots of toys.

Baby chillin’ at the pool

Look how itty bitty Dani looks? The girls just left her there. Silly!
Brookee and her pig tails.