My girls first time to Lagoon with their cousins. I went here all growing up. It was very nostalgic going back. I loved some of the new rides. My favorite is WICKED. We had a great day. The lines weren’t too long. The day was hot, but there was a lot of water to cool down with. Click HERE to see our Fun pics.


Pioneer Day!

We’re up in Salt Lake over Pioneer Day and the girls are having fun with their cousins at the party celebration.

Watching Fireworks on the car.

Brookee loves the motor scooter.

The sign they made for the 24th.

Watching fireworks and making smores.
Riding in the jeep.
Megan on the motor scooter.
View of the mountain at sunset. Miss these mountains!


Lighting sparklers on the smores fire.
Court, Megs, and Amanda
My new Favorite Firework! This firework is really cool. Kind of scary though. We had some close calls with them that night.

St. George

We left AZ for good and came to St. George to visit my mom and dad. We are on our way to Salt Lake to stay for a couple of weeks. This is our transition stage where the house is being packed and we will meet our things in Ohio when we arrive in August. Kind of hard to really feel like we are moving when all I did was pack for our vacation. Crazy!

Goin’ Swimmin’
My girls love the tubes!
St. George has these new fountains and river they made for pure entertainment.
I feel like Emilee looks like a Mermaid here.
Baby enjoyed watching
My mom and dad with us too!
Movie night at the park.
I took some pics of my youngest two while they were swinging on the canopy swing.



What else is there to do in 100+ degrees?

Brooke loves swimming with animal tubes. It’s really cute!

Hannah, Emilee and Megan

My girls already like laying out. 🙂

I had to throw this one in. I love how cute it is that Brooke is pushing her baby sister in the stroller.

Tooth Fairy is on Double DUTY!

If anyone thinks they have THE drama child… I will take you on anytime!!!

Megan’s middle name is drama. It’s actually kind of fun. Very entertaining to say the least. Her first tooth has been loose for a few days and today it started to bleed so I helped her pull it out. The floss trick works the best!
Sad: What a bloody mess.
Happy: Looks better here.
Emilee had a loose tooth too and so she wanted to pull hers out today as well. She’s a pro by now. It’s going to be a busy night for The Tooth Fairy!

The girls are going to get LUCKY tonight!!!

Happy 4th!

We had a great fourth. We went swimming. What else is new? 🙂
We went to Red Robin for dinner. Our girls’ favorite place. We did fireworks at home this year with neighbors. It was so nice and relaxing. I could put my baby down to bed. The girls loved the fireworks so close. And there were a million different firworks, seriously it took us a couple of hours. Fun times!
Pics of our day are HERE.

4th of July Weekend

Papa Rocco had us all over for a last get together before we move. Our girls love going over there to swim. They have such a beautiful backyard. The best part is that the water is salt water and not chlorine. A World of difference! Thanks for all the wonderful food and for a great time. We love you guys and we will miss you so much! Pics from the day are HERE.


Baby Dani had her surgery on her Palate in June. Her recovery was fast and successful. She did much better than when she was younger. I thought it would be harder, but I was pleasantly surprised. She is such a trooper though. The inside of her mouth was all in stitches. Ooch! Now she can eat baby food and baby treats. Yay!
It has hit record highs here in Phoenix and all we can do when outside is be in water. We usually go to Lifetime to swim, but these small pools are great for any down times at home.

All four girls in the pool and in the shade.