Interesting stuff!

So they call Procter & Gamble here, Procter & God. I guess it’s because it’s basically their city. They are so HUGE here. It’s weird meeting people and finding out they all work for P&G, the same company as Matt. Crazy!
P&G’s headquarters is in downtown Cincinnati, but they have other offices around the area. Matt works at this office in Mason.
This is great! “Tide” dry cleaners and below “Mr. Clean” car washes. They are everywhere!


Mason Home Pictures

The most fun part about moving into a new home is decorating it and finding new places for the things we have. Some unique things about this area… It’s really GREEN here. I like living on a golf course. It’s so pretty all the time. The master is on the main level and I really like the convenience of that. And I finally have a pantry. Haven’t had that yet and I LOVE it! Oh! and did I mention it’s REALLY green here? Our home is complete. I put pics of the rooms on our website. Click HERE to go to them.

Daddy Time

With all this grass Matt got a ride on lawn mower. Brooke ran to him and had to have a ride.

Daddy-daughter time.

Matt teaches girls to golf.

They did great and loved every minute of it.
Back down to the river to collect more golf balls. 🙂

School Starts

Today is the first day of school! The thing the girls were most excited for when it comes to starting school was riding the bus. I like it too. It’s sooooooo convenient. In Phoenix, we lived so close to the school that we did carpool. Here, my girls go to different schools. Megan is at a school for only Kindergarten and 1st graders. Emilee goes to a whole different school for 2nd and 3rd graders. So next year they will both be at different schools again. The buses come within 5 min, from each other and we lucked out. The bus stop is right in front of our house. 🙂
My girls were so happy to start school and meet new friends.
I am so glad they transition well.
Megan is in 1st Grade.

Emilee is in 3rd Grade. She has a locker. WoW!
Backyard picture right before going to school.
Brookee walking to send her older sisters off to school.

The group of kids going on the bus.

Emilee’s bus comes first.

Smiling from ear to ear.

Look who else is excited!

Have fun Megs.

Megs is in the back behind these two girls. Other side of the bus.

Bye, Bye, Bus!
Notice our house in the background. Sweet!

Mason Festival

The City of Mason has a few festivals every year. Right now they are celebrating The Heritage of Mason. We went to enjoy the day with our girls. The girls have their bathing suits on underneath because we went swimming right afterward.
What’s a festival without ice cream? 🙂

Cutest balloon animal I’ve ever seen!

Bounce house
Pony Rides

It was a bouncy ride for Brookee. There were a couple times I thought she was going to fall off. She had to concentrate really hard.

Feeding the animals
Emilee’s legs were too short to peddle. One of the girls was sitting on the bar to reach the peddles. Ouch! Emilee got help around the course.

Car rides


It’s sooooooo GREEN here!
There is a lake/pond is in our neighborhood. The girls love riding their bikes up and down the pathways. The weather is so great. We are outside everyday. Our neighbors and ward are super friendly. We’ve already found lots of friends. School starts next week and we are just enjoying our last week of summer!
Riding bikes


The ducks were so friendly.

The girls loved watching and playing with them. When we went to leave the ducks followed us out.

Park right outside our neighborhood.
We’re back in the Midwest where the parks are Phenomenal.
My girls are little monkeys!
Brookee was very adventurous.
Dani had fun too.

Dani and Brookee on the swings.


Down by the river

In our backyard off of the golf course is this river. It is absolutely breathtaking. We walked up and down the river. The girls found golf balls all over the place. We came home with 30+ balls. Matt said that while living here he will never have to buy golf balls. 🙂

Walking the river

Brookee might be a bit WET!

Dani wouldn’t stand up. She kept holding her legs up. It was pretty funny.

Emilee is holding the bag of golf balls.
On the other side of this bridge is the golf course.
Fun family activity we will do over and over again.

New House

We’re HERE in Mason, OH!

So it’s crazy how things work out. Do you want the good news or the bad news first? When I came up to Ohio back in June to see the house we were in contract with. It was such a great experience, I loved the house. Within a week of returning home from our trip Matt told me the bad news that we couldn’t have the house because the owner had a business lien against the home that couldn’t be sold. It would’ve been nice if he knew that before selling us the house, don’t you think? He was stuck and we were stuck. We were back at square one. We looked and looked for what we wanted and didn’t feel good about any of the homes. That was the bad news! Just when I was about to settle on a home, the home we originally wanted and put an offer on way back when went back onto the market. Yesss! We put our offer in right then and got the house. There were still bumps along the way. Buying a house right now is near impossible! But it’s official and we are in our home. Yea! That’s the good news! Here’s our new home.

Side view
Back – I love all the windows.

View from back. On hole number 17.

The Baptism of Emilee

Our oldest daughter, Emilee was baptized the day after her birthday in Utah. She was counting down the days for this special day. When it finally came there was nothing but excitement and smiles. Emilee was so sweet and gorgeous. She was just glowing all day! The day couldn’t have gone better. It ran so smoothly. Megan was so cute with her older sister. She just soaked up everything about this day. She can’t wait until she turns eight now too. It was so nice to have so many family members there to witness Emilee’s baptism and share with us in the joy of the day. Definitely a day we will always remember. Thanks everyone for your love and support. Emilee, we are soooooo proud of YOU and your decision to be baptized. We love you very much!
Pics from her day are HERE.

Utah trip

Our trip to Utah is coming to an end. When we visit all the cousins up here, our time is always jam packed with activities. We always have so much fun with everyone. The girls seriously are in cousin HEAVEN!!! We leave for Ohio this week and so yet another adventure awaits us, but we will miss being here with family!

Movie Night!

She cracks us All up!

Dani and Megs. So Sweet!

Such a magical age!

Brooke holds on so tight!

Megs and Amanda

Haylee and Ems

Lots of Swimming!

Cartwheels into the pool.

Swim time, Play time!
Brooke loves the water.

All done!