Kings Island

We have been anxiously awaiting this day! Last weekend we went to Kings Island with P&G. Every year P&G rents out the whole park for the weekend. The whole park is setup with P&G products. We got a lot of free samples. The lines were small. At night we could just stay on the rides if there were no lines and ride them again and again. A dream for kids! I am an amusement park junkie and I know a good amusement park for thrill rides when I see one. This park is absolutely phenomenal. It was a BLAST! I could not get enough. My girls are so daring. They will go on everything. I love it! Some of the roller coasters are so big that our oldest couldn’t even go on. We got season passes so Matt and I will be coming here on some date nights. I am excited to return and ride them ALL. The best part is that this park is only 10 min, from our house. Can’t wait to go back! Our pics from the day are HERE. Soooooo FUN!!! Thanks P&G.

Bounce Into Fall!

After having a trampoline in our backyard in Phoenix, we knew we would want to get one here in Ohio. The girls play on the tramp 90% of the time when they are outside. It uses up a lot of their energy. We Love it!

Girls playing in the boxes while daddy sets it up.

We went with a different kind of tramp this time. It’s Spring free. No one has really heard of it here. But it’s a lot safer (no springs), weather proof, and just as bouncy.
As soon as it was ready they were all four on it.
Love this picture. Emilee and Dani’s EYES both really stand out to me.

It’s like a really big play pin for Brooke and Dani. And I don’t have to worry about the springs.

Matt and Emilee went on a daddy-daughter date with our Stake. Western dress. I can’t believe when I took this picture I didn’t get Ems boots in it. They went perfect with her outfit. They learned Line dancing. Matt said “It was the funnest time he’d had in a long time.” (Please note sarcasm) He was a really good sport to go with Emilee. She was really looking forward to it.
It has rained and rained this last week which really cooled it down. It’s great 70’s temperatures now. I swear it’s rained more here already than I think Phoenix gets all year long. I guess that’s why it’s so GREEN!
Matt found a snake. Chills! The girls loved watching it slither. We set it free out on the golf course hoping it would find it’s way down to the river.

Lots of CURLS

My older two girls have been wanting to get perms. It’s not recommended to perm hair before the age of ten so I told them we could use curlers in their hair and they could sleep in them and take them out the next day and have the curliest hair. They found that exciting. Here they are the night before with the curlers in their hair ready for bed.
Emilee went first.
Megan next.

Watching a movie
Love the way the back looks. Megan’s hair is a lot thinner and shorter than Emilee’s hair so the smaller curlers worked better in most places.
Emilee, Wow! Reminds me of when she was young. She had curls before her first haircut.
Megan, She still has her hair wrap in from Summer.
Brooke, 100% NATURAL. The humidity even make those ringlets tighter. I don’t ever want to cut her hair.
Emilee and Megan have been doing their own hair for a while now. I encourage every bit of it. I love to see the different hair styles they come up with.

Hard at Work!

Matt has been hard at work ever since we moved in. If he’s not working for P&G then he is busy doing home improvements. He is such a project guy. Loves to learn new skills.
Last weekend he made the back splash in our kitchen. Looks great. The every other tiles are the same granite as our counter top. Looks very natural.
It’s amazing how a back splash can totally change the feel of the kitchen.
I love the diamond shape tiles in this strip. Great job Matt. Looks Awesome!
Matt hard at work making repairs to his car. He’s always wanted to learn how a car works and even some day may build a muscle car.
Matt rented a pressure washer to clean our sidewalks. The driveway is too long and wide so we didn’t do it, but you can see the difference in this picture where Matt writes me a love note. 🙂 Ya, I guess that’s just going to stay there Now. Every time I pull in I see/read it. Thanks Matty! Love you too!

Where is Home?

When we move it kind of feels like a vacation we go on. We do a lot of new things and take a lot of fun pics just as if we were on a trip. It takes some time to really feel like the vacation doesn’t end, there is nowhere to go back to, and this is home now. Crazy to think about. I really like it here. It is so beautiful and the people are so nice. I just wish I wasn’t so far away from everyone – friends and family. Miss you ALL!
This little one can not get enough of the pool.
She fits into the family just great because that’s how we all are really.
Beautiful sky!

I felt like it was speaking to me. Absolutely amazing!