Carving Pumpkins!

It’s pumpkin time. YAY! We love our time spent together carving pumpkins. This year we had the missionaries over for dinner and decided to carve pumpkins the same night. Click HERE to see our FUN creations!


Disney On Ice

Saturday we went to Disney On Ice. I’ve been meaning to take my girls for a while now. They loved every minute of it! And I must say I was just as captivated as they were. Emilee’s favorite part was Peter Pan. Megan’s was Lilo ans Stitch. My favorite was The Little Mermaid. I took much more video than pictures because so many of the effects and skating is way cooler in running time rather than still shots. The pics of our day are HERE.


Girls Night In

We had some girl time with the American Girl dolls. Emilee and Megan wanted to curl their hair with curlers just like I do to their hair. They also decided to have a birthday party for their dolls. They even made invitations. This was all done by my girls. I only took the pictures. I love to watch my girls at play. And how they feed off each other. I thought this was super cute and creative.
Molly’s hair

Julie’s hair

Julie’s Bday party.

Molly’s Bday party.

Best Friends!
In Jami’s ready for bed.

Trick-or-treat at P&G

P&G had trick-or-treating day at work. It was fun. I can’t believe how much attention our girls got there. Everyone was so friendly and nice. There were lots of dogs dressed up to. I always get asked where I got this Dorothy costume from. It was made by my mother for Emilee and each of my daughters have worn it.

Dorothy is lost.
Dani is a flower from Munchkin land.
Look at this dog. It is a unicorn with a princess riding on it. Love it!
Matt’s sweet flower.
Brooke trick-or-treating.
Toto was in the basket, but she’s replaced him with her candy. Go figure!

Matt’s office. I love how he’s decorated with pics.
Daddy’s girl!
Brooke was kissing all the dogs, even the not so real ones. 🙂
Bye, Bye… It was fun!

My New York Trip!

I went to New York City last weekend with my parents and my brother. It was such a fun trip. I am definitely a city girl! I really enjoy these times ALONE. And by that I mean without children. My life is so demanding with little ones that it is nice to get away. I had a great time and Oh! how I LOVE New York. What an amazing city. So much to do, so much to see. We took every kind of transportation known to man. Great memories with my family! And I took over 400 pics. Click HERE to see many of them.

Danielle’s Bday Party

Dani’s new outfit from Grandpa and Rosie.
Singing Happy Birthday. Emilee is so cute with Dani. She has a very protective way with her.
Go at it.
She loved the cupcake. I took it away after she got too messy. I HATE messes and it’s hard for me to watch. I know, mean.
Mommy’s special baby.
Grandma and Grandpa were here for her party.
Present time!

Dani loves her new toys.
Talking baby. Plays Peek-a-boo. It’s adorable. Brooke snatched this up and won’t let go. Dani doesn’t seem to mind. 🙂

School Pictures

My girls like to get school pictures every year. I really like the way they both turned out. Great smiles. Emilee is still missing a couple of front teeth.

Emilee is eight years old.
Megan is six years old

Danielle is One Today!

Danielle’s first year of life has been nothing short of eventful. She was born with a cleft lip and palate and has had surgery on both. She was such a trooper going through that even when she had no choice and knows no different. In fact, it really helps me to know that she doesn’t remember any of it. She has the sweetest spirit and yet she is so determined at such a young age. I knew that when we moved here I would want to take Danielle’s one year old pictures right in our own backyard. I love how they all turned out. Photographing babies/toddlers can be so much fun when in an outdoor surrounding where they are free to move around and explore. Takes all the frustration out of picture taking. Pics from Dani’s photo shoot are HERE. Enjoy!

Kings Island Again

We wanted to go back to Kings Island in October to see the park all decked out with Halloween. It was a zoo! So many people everywhere. We had a lot of fun though. We all love this place and we haven’t even been to the water park part yet. So glad we got season tickets. We had fun with the girls in the day and then Matt and I went back at night just the two of us to go on rides we can’t go on with our girls. Pics of our day are HERE.

Fall Park Day

We went to the park as a family last Sunday.

Brooke is the most fun to watch at the park. She is such the busy body!

I love her expressions!

Dani was having a blast! I can hear her squeal now.

Oh, how I wish I was on the other side of this pic capturing Megan’s face.

What a nice, fun day!