Thanksgiving Week!

Our AWESOME friends from MN came to visit us in Ohio for Thanksgiving week. We had so much fun with them. We just LOVE being with them and hanging out. We went out, played games (A LOT of games), watched movies, had lots of talk time, went swimming, played football, went golfing in our backyard. We are so thankful for them and all our friends. What a great week!

Ems and Meg made our turkey favors with mint patties in the middle.

Dani and Brookee playing. They are starting to play a lot together now.
Zac and Dani. Sooooo CUTE!

Thanksgiving flag football on the grass in the mud. Matt and Donny played awesome.

Getting the turkey ready to cook.

Hot out of the oven.
Megan setting the table.
Getting the dinner food dishes on the table.
We are thankful for each other!

Ems and Megs are thankful for each other. Best friends!
LeAnne and I.

Dani and I.
I’m thankful for my four beautiful girls!!!
Exercise after we eat. The weather is so nice.

Happy Turkey Day everyone!!!

Happy Anniversary!

This is so fun for me! 🙂 I love these sequence of pictures. Matt and I hanging out after our mission. We were just friends at this time and we look sooooo young, but it’s fun to look back on and think… WoW! We’ve now been married nine years today!

Dancing – while we waited for fireworks.

4th of July weekend 1999.


Halloween was a BIG success. We love our neighborhood. Trick-or-treating starts here around 5pm. I love that! The little ones can enjoy the process before it gets dark and cold. The big kids can still trick-or-treat in the dark. Our cul-de-sac puts a big table up in the street and we all hang out together with our candy. Very fun! I also loved how most people were in their driveways with fire pits to keep warm, but it also made a great Halloween effect with the smoke and fire. We had a great time. We LOVE living here! Pics of our day and night are HERE.



I LOVE Halloween! My girls make it so much fun because they will be anything. In fact, the more original the costume the more likely they want to be it. I love it! Here are the pics of the girls characters and costumes.