Christmas Week!

We had a fun filled week of Christmas. Matt’s parents came for Christmas from California. Peter and Megan came from Baltimore. Oh, and they brought their dog, Allie. The girls were loving their dog. It was so fun to have Christmas in a new home and a new place. Who knew we’d be spending Christmas in Ohio? We had such a great time just being together, but we also did some really great things. Thanks for coming everyone. We loved having you here. Come again. Merry Christmas!!! Pics from the week are HERE.


Christmas is Here!

It all starts with Decorating the house. It’s fun being in a new house for Christmas and finding new places for our decorations.
Back windows.

Decorating the Tree.

No touch baby!
Finished product. Notice there are no ornaments on the bottom half of our tree.
Hmmm. I wonder why? 🙂 Makes the tree look funny.

Each morning I wake up to the sun shining directly on baby Jesus. It’s pretty cool!

The stockings are hung.

The girls love this train. It plays Christmas music as it goes around.
My girls were playing a lot with my Nativities and so I bought one that they couldn’t break.
Matt had extra ornament balls from putting them outside that he hung them above the banister.

Family Christmas tree in our office. This tree holds the ornaments that have special meaning to our family.

Our basement bar. Notice our elf, Peter, who comes each day to watch on the girls for Santa. The girls like to find him every day.
Girls princess tree. Fits great in Emilee’s room in the corner of the two windows.
The weather is getting colder.

Girls ready for Christmas

Santa twiners.

It’s always craft time in our home!

Grandma sent a SURPRISE in the mail. It’s a children’s Christmas book with my mom reading it to them. So even though she is not “here” for Christmas… she can still be here in a sense. Love the idea! I think I enjoyed this gift even more than my girls because now I have my mommy reading me a story too! I will always be a kid at heart. 🙂


Ward Christmas Party!

Our ward Christmas party was Friday night along with another party I had with my neighbor friends. We played Bunco and did a gift exchange, had yummy food… and my favorite part was the company and conversations. Always is!

Family at Chistmas party. Our ward took family pictures to put on their website.
A tradition to get a family picture with Santa. 🙂
Dani with her antlers. Wish she was smiling at the camera, but she is so intrigued by Santa.
Megan telling Santa she wants a puppy for Christmas.
Emilee telling Santa she wants fish for Christmas.
Baby Dani looking at Santa.
Not sure of him…
Knows for sure she’s not liking this!
Brookee wouldn’t even go toward him. Which is so crazy to me because at home she loves the idea of him.

Every year I buy Christmas shirts. This one is my favorite.
Sometimes NAUGHTY, sometimes NICE. Soooooooo TRUE with me. 🙂
Friends at neighbor Christmas party!
I took these pictures with my phone so that’s why they are blurry and dark.
We had such a great time just being together. I love The Holidays!

The Spirit of Christmas

Our church had an incredible weekend planned with choirs and music and decorations, all centered around The Nativity. I’ve never seen so many Nativities in my life. Nativities from all over the world (40 countries). It was Amazing! I can’t believe the work that goes into creating something of this magnitude. I’ve never seen this done before. This is the 11th year they’ve done this here.
My pics of many of the Nativities are HERE.
My girls thought this was so neat. They loved seeing all the different ones from all over and how many different animals there were.

Megan as an Angel.
They had a room dedicated just for dressing up as any of The Nativity members.

My girls both took turns being Mary.

Brooke kissing baby Jesus.

Emilee and Megan were inspired by the many handcrafted Nativities that when we got home they each created one of their own. Great Idea!

Family Pictures

Our 2011 Family pictures.

It was a very windy day. Luckily we got some great pictures. Most are candid and it was hard to get our younger two to smile. Someday… I will get that perfect picture where everyone is smiling at the camera. Although, it is fun to see their different expressions. 🙂

The whole family in our backyard.
Our four girls!

Matt and I.

Emilee and Megan. They are so cute together!
I love this picture of Matt and Dani. One of my Fav’s!
Emilee – Eight years old.
Megan – Six years old.
Brooke – Two years old

Danielle – One Year Old.