It’s so pretty when the snow is falling.

It’s been a very mild winter. We haven’t gotten much snow here at all. The girls can play in it the day it comes down and the next day, but after that it’s pretty much gone. I like that the snow doesn’t just linger on the ground all winter, but I want it to snow again because our girls just love being in it. They go out there and play for hours. We Need More Snow!

Brooke getting ready to meet the girls in the snow.

Girls on the golf course.
I can’t remember if Emilee is making a snowball here or eating the snow.
Emilee sledding down the hill.
Megan sledding down the hill.
Megan pulling Brooke in her sled.

I was amazed at how well they could sled down the hill with such little snow.

Brooke, showing me the snowball she made.
She carried this snowball around the whole time.
Well… the next time it snows, We will be READY!

Cheerleading and Basketball

Megan is in Cheerleading. A daughter after my own heart. 🙂
She absolutely loves the experience. She is learning so much and enjoying it All!
It’s so fun for her and Emilee to be working together on the same team. Megan cheers and Emilee plays. This is their first game. How exciting!

Lining up to cheer through the tunnel.

Megan cheering during the game.

Yay! Megs.
Cheering on the court during halftime.

Nice kick, too bad I took the picture right with her foot in her face.

They did some cheers sitting down and with the megaphone.
Great Job Megs. You were AWESOME! I loved every minute of it. 🙂
Good luck Emilee!
Before their game begins. When the girls go out onto the court, they announce each of their names with a spot light just on them going through the tunnel while we are all clapping and cheering them on. Each girl came out running to their coach. Emilee came out with her hands raised up and out of the blue she did a cartwheel. It was Awesome!
Emilee getting ready to go out. Go #15!!!
The girls line up. Let the game begin!
Nice arms up Emilee. Getting ready for the rebound.
I was cheering her on like crazy. Luckily, there were lots of other loud people too.
Nice block! They each wear a colored wristband that matched a girl on the other team. That way there was no confusion on who they are to block when on defense. Great idea!
I took much more video than pics especially when Emilee had the ball. I can capture them both in action much better in video. Emilee made a basket in her first game ever. Wow! And she was All smiles! We are very proud of her.

Brooke’s First Haircut

I’ve been going back and forth on when to finally cut Brooke’s hair. It really needs it, but I’ve been waiting as long as I could because I love her ringlets and curls. It is time for the haircut and I am glad we did it. She got a lot of inches cut off her hair. I like her new cut and she still kept her curls. Yay!
Spraying her hair with water. There we all are in the background cheering her on.

Brookee gets to sit on Clifford and watch a show while she gets her hair cut.

You can see in this pic how many inches she cut off. WOW!

Dani watched the whole time so intently.

It’s still long and curly and feels so soft and light.
She looks great and it will be lots easier to comb through and do.

Run, Jump, and Play!

Over The Holiday break we went to a really fun place we heard about. It’s an all indoor kids place which includes: trampolines, playground sets, basketball courts, lots of blow ups for climbing and sliding, mini golf, and bowling. We had a great time spending it with and watching our girls at play. They had so much fun that they wanted to go back the next day. Pics are HERE.


New Years Eve!

We celebrated New Year’s Eve with some friends who live an hour south of us. We met Aaron, the husband, on our mission so that’s pretty cool. We had a fabulous time with them and our kids had a blast. We ate great food, played games, and enjoyed each other’s company. I can’t believe how happy Brooke was all night for staying up so late. Pics are HERE. What a great year it’s been. Looking forward to another great year. Here’s to 2012! Happy New Year!