Emilee’s Music Concert

 Good Luck Emilee!
 These are two peas in a pod.  They are the best of friends and are great at supporting each other.
 Playing the recorder.
 Singing songs too.  Cute Kids from Emilee’s class.
 Good Job Emilee!

At home I video taped Emilee playing the song “Dynamite” by herself so I could hear her every note.  It sounded great!


Summer is in the Air!

Megs and Dani outside enjoying the nice spring weather.
Flying Kites!  Ohio has the best kite weather.  There is always a breeze in the air.
Matt makes his own kites so that they last and fly well.  He is a Pro!
Dani loves being outside
 This rain came out of nowhere.  One of those days where it was really hot outside and they rain felt so good.  My girls loved playing in it.
Dani is really into glasses and goggles.  She wants to have them on all the time.
Brooke likes to check the mail.  She carries a stepping stool outside.  Cracks me up!


Last week we all got our haircut.  A LOT!  It’s a great change with Summer approaching.  I love having shorter hair this time of year.
 I got mine cut on Friday, the girls went on Saturday.
 Brookee with her short hair.  This will be a lot easier to do.
 Dani didn’t get a hair cut, but she had a great time playing on the slide.
 All girls with their haircut.
Emilee went the shortest.

Megan’s Birthday

Megan celebrated her birthday three different times this year.  It was a crazy week and Matt was in San Diego so we celebrated as a family the Sunday before and then again on her Birthday, Wednesday, at school and at home.  And then again on Friday with some friends she had over.  She was a Lucky Lady!
Presents from Family 

It’s hard to tell, but that is a PIG cupcake.  Piggies are one of Megs favorites.  It looks really cute, but the camera doesn’t show the dimensions very well.

Big SEVEN year old!
Megan’s BIG present.  A DSi.  She has been waiting a loooooong time for this.  After playing with her cousins over and over again, she finally got one of her very own.
Megan with her friends.  Nina, Hannah, and Maddy.  We do a BIG Bday party for Megan every other year and this is the off year, but she wanted to have just a few friends over to celebrate.  Such CUTE girls!

What’s a GIRL party without doing their nails!!!

GIRLS Spring Pictures

I’m so funny. Every year goes by and I only plan on buying school pictures in the fall, but then spring comes and I see my girls’ pictures and I just can’t resist. I always end up loving them. So here they are.
Emilee, 8
 Megan, 6
Brooke, 3