Soak City

The Water park at Kings Island.  It’s so nice having season passes so we can just go over for a couple of hours.  It’s minutes from our home.  We LOVE it Here!!!
 Megan above and Emilee below.
Pipeline Paradise is their favorite.  They can’t get enough of it!
Fun Slides Everywhere!
These two like to go off together and ride the slides.
 Brookee sliding down the slide.
 Dani’s turn… She just sat up there forever.
Megan helped her go down.
 This is a family favorite!
Look at those faces!
Aruba Tuba!
 Priceless faces!
Megan and Dani, more slides. 
 Can’t get enough of the water!
What a Blast!
These girls are all so much fun!

Megan’s Dance

Megan was in dance all year long.  It was a lot of work.  She took ballet and tap.  She danced with the cutest girls.  The day she was waiting for finally came, The Recital!
Taking her pictures by herself and with her dance class.
Cute Ballerinas!
I loved Megan’s dance costume the best of all the girls.
 She was so cute out there performing.  I loved watching every second of it.  This is all right up my alley.
 Nice Moves Megs.  🙂
Te Da!
Emilee came to watch Megan.
Megan’s Primary Teacher even came and brought her flowers.  How nice!

Kings Island Again and Again

Diamondback:  My Favorite ride at Kings Island.  I can’t get enough of this ride.  It is absolutely amazing.  The seat is positioned in a way where you don’t feel held in by anything.  It’s crazy how they do it.  But I LOVE IT!  Feels Sooooooo SMOOTH and Free!
There’s the first drop.  It’s FREAKIN’ high!
Watching the splash of Diamondback at the end.  Matt and I sat on the last seat and felt the water on our arms as we reached back.

 Matt’s Favorite Ride and my second favorite.  The roller coaster is amazing.  It’s so long and so fast for a wooden roller coaster.  The Beast is the perfect name!

 Date Night with Matty.  We had a blast and felt like young kids again.  What a great Feeling!

We met some good friends at King’s Island.  It was their first time so it made it all that much more fun to show them around.
Lizzy’s age is right between my two girls.
Megan and Lizzy on The Beast!  Megs favorite ride too.
Girls on the Swings.

Silly Girls!

 This is the funniest ride to watch.  It looks so uncomfortable.  My girls said it was very relaxing.
 Log ride is always a lot of fun.
Lots of rides for Brookee to go on too.
Hands Up!
 The Racer.  We are in the ride next to Emilee in a red train.  We won the race!
All the rides and Eiffel Tower light up at night.  It’s a whole different experience once the sun goes down.

1st Week of Summer

Megan came home the last day of school with an aquatic frog.  She has been the Froggy class all year.  At the end of the year they do a drawing and give the frog to the child in the class who’s name gets picked.  She is The Lucky One!  The frog’s name is Princess.

Aquatic frogs are the easiest pets.  We only have to clean the tank once or twice a year.  The frog eats food three to four times a week.  That’s it!  Megan has enjoyed holding her cute frog.  I love these pics.

Hi Princess… How is your day?
Brooke broke her leg from jumping on the tramp and landing wrong.  Poor girl!  She has been such a good sport about it and still in great spirits.  Love her!
Brookee has been waiting all week to go on the train ride (choo choo ride) at Kings Island.  After we got her cast on, we took her.
All four girls on the train.  Sooooo FUN!
Bathing suits are on because we went to the waterpark right afterward.
 Brooke’s cast is not stopping us from doing all kinds of fun things.  Thanks goodness for Waterproof casts.
Dani loves to walk around with her Baby!
Swimming will always be a Favorite!


Emilee and Megan have had quite the year.  They have been involved in so many FUN activities and sports. It’s Soccer Season and they have absolutely loved everything about soccer.  They are both very active girls and like to always be going and running around on a field for an hour is a great way to release a lot of their energy.  It’s been a great year!
Ready for their first game.
This is how Megan stands with her hands on her hips.
Emilee likes playing the Goalie.
Emilee likes the boys.  She is a little flirt.  This is a great picture of her in action.  🙂
Emilee got hurt.  The ball was kicked right into her knee.  I heard the pop.  Ouch!
Throw it in!
 The girls soccer skills in Action.  They are both really aggressive and play well!
Great Job Megs.
Team #’s
 All done.  Fun Soccer Season!  We will miss it.
 Soccer Pics with their team.

Monster Mini Golf

Emilee’s class went to Monster Mini Golf for their 3rd grade school party.  It was such a fun and different thing to do.  The girls loved it.  I had a lot of fun too! 
My girls love the grabber games.  They can’t get enough of them.  They must take after their Grandma Karen.
 Mr. Williams has been such an amazing teacher.  Emilee has progressed so much in school this year.  I LOVE Mason schools.  They are challenging for kids and I like all they have to offer.

This place is decorated so creative and I felt like we were in a Halloween Haunted House.

 The pictures don’t show it, but these creatures move and make scary noises.
 The hardest hole.  The ball has to go up the hill and in the hole.  Took like five times.
The clown’s tongue takes your ball.  The florescent colors and lighting are so cool!

School Projects

Last Day of School!
 The girls have made so many fun things this year in school.  I have loved seeing them come home each time with art projects or clay work.  It’s all Amazing to me.  I love the surprises!
Looks like a famous painting to me.
Cute Artwork the girls made that we could buy as cards, bookmarks, pillowcases, t-shirts, on a mug, you name it!
More Art Projects
Really cool!


 Emilee’s been playing Tennis.  Matt and her will go out and play together.  It’s been a great experience for her and she LOVES Tennis!
 Dani loves watching her.
 Dani trying to play too.
 Emilee shows her skills she’s learned.
I love Emilee’s face as she jumps off the swing.