Utah Trip (3rd set of Pics)

Staying with my sister Kathy and her Family.
Picture of most of the cousins on the 24th of July!
 Dani loves to Splash!  She laughs and splashes  🙂
Kathy and I.
Happy 24th of July!
 By law this year we couldn’t do fireworks by the mountains, but we still had a lot of fun playing games and the girls ALL loved the glow sticks.
Outside on the grass.  So Dark, can’t see really well, but there is A LOT of GLOW!
Matching Dresses, closest cousins – Emilee and Haylee
Britney and Megs with Brooke in the background.
Choo Choo Train
Train, Brooke’s Favorite
More Swimming
 Cartwheels into the pool
 Running, Jumping, and landing into the pool.
 Great Dive!
These two little tikes just crack us up!  They are so entertaining to watch.
Childhood Friends.  Brings back lots of fun Memories!

Utah Trip (2nd set of Pics)

Staying with my Sister Tina and her family.
Tina and I.
 Diving off the diving board.
 Fun Slide!
 Best Friends and cousins.

At Cherry Hill Waterpark.
 ALL Smiles!
Love this!
Tired Dani.
At City Creek.
Disney Store



Utah Trip (1st set of Pics)

We are in Utah for a few weeks.  We come visit family every summer and it is so much fun to stay soooooo long!  The girls have a blast with their cousins and nothing makes me happier than being with family.  My girls are sooooooo close to their cousins and they can’t ever get enough of them.  What a Great time we are having.  We stay with each family while we are here.
Below are pics from our stay with my sister Kari and her family.
Kari and I
Eating Snoasis
Lunch with Kayli.  She is engaged.  Yay!  Soooo happy for her.  First niece to get married.
 Back to Snoasis AGAIN!
Alli’s Birthday!  “Sweet Sixteen!”
Dani with Alli.
This car is always a favorite.
Fountains at Highland.
Cousins eating Lunch
Friends from Arizona come visit us.

4th of July Week

The following pictures are of our festivities the past week.
It feels like the FUN just never ends.  We Love to Go and Go!  🙂 
Waiting in line at Diamondback.  Emilee’s favorite ride too!

Megan’s Favorite Ride!
 Dani and Brooke on the choo choo train!

 The Viking! 
 We got a babysitter and the four of us went to ride the rides.  Watch out!  You are guaranteed to get wet!
The Racer!
 Girls at Planet Snoopy on The 4th of July!
 Bumper cars.  This was hilarious.  They did not know how to steer.  The cars just drove themselves in crazy ways.  Eventually they both got stuck.  🙂
 Great ride.  The car automatically follows a track.  They could pretend they were steering and still actually get somewhere.
 They loved seeing Sally and all the characters.
 Dani just smiled and stared.  She couldn’t get enough.
Dani at Lifetime Pool
 Mommy with Dani and Brooke
 Silly Emilee
 We went back to Kings Island at night to see the fireworks and Yes we did stay til after midnight!  
 Girls so happy to be here.  They can not get enough of this place.  I remember being the same way as a kid.

  Fireworks and the swings ride next to them.  We were in such a great spot.
Happy 4th!

Brooke’s cast

Brooke got her cast off on Friday.  I wanted to post a couple more pics of her in her wheelchair.  She used this as she would get around the house.  She got really good at moving it herself.  Emilee and Megan had their share of fun in it as well.  🙂  Towards the end she was mostly walking.  It was very hard to keep her off of it.  I couldn’t believe how well she could walk in her cast.  Crazy!  I’m sure glad this chapter of her life is over.  And I no longer have to play the nurse.
Happy Girl!
 We decorated Brookee’s cast the last day before she got it removed.

Bye, Bye Cast.
Now Brooke has it in her room as a trophy!  🙂