New School Year

Emilee’s New School!  Emilee is in 4th grade this year and so she will be going to a BIG school.  Her new school has different classroom wings in it and they have their own lockers.  I love how well it is all set up and how colorful the walls are.  There is no fear in this child in going to a much BIGGER school, only excitement!
 Emilee has her own locker.  She’s excited!
Emilee with her friend, Tulia. 
 Emilee has to memorize her combination and practice opening her locker.
Emilee sitting at her new desk
Emilee will have two teachers this year.  Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Smith.  One will teach in the morning and the other will teach in the afternoon.  That will keep school interesting!
 Megan is starting 2nd Grade.  She will stay at the same school as last year.  This will be nice because her and Brooke will be on the bus together again.
 Megan’s new teacher, Mrs. Katie Davis.
Megan showing off her cubbie and how happy she was to have a pink owl in her cubbie with her name on it.  She says to me… Mom, “how did she know to give ME pink?”  Cute!
Megan sitting at her new desk.  What a Fun time this is!

Last Week of Summer

 We went to Kings Island at least once a week all Summer long.
You have to really like Amusement Parks to do this.  We DO!  🙂
 Planet Snoopy

 Log Ride, always a Hit!
 Emilee on Beast.  Look at that SMILE!
 Love this Ride.  Reminds me of a ride you would see at Disneyland.
 Megan got free miniature golf passes from her teacher at school for not missing a single day of class last year.  She took her BFF Nina.
 Silly Girls

 Swimming at Lifetime with our great friends.
I could just snap pictures of Dani all day long.  My dad calls her “small fry.”  So Cute!
We LOVE SuMmEr, we will MISS you!!!

Kayli and Chris’ Wedding

My Niece, Kayli and Chris got married last Wednesday.  It was such an Amazing wedding.  One I will always remember and hold very dear to my heart.  I have always had a very close relationship with Kayli.  She means so much to me.  I LOVE her to death.  She is so Sweet and Loving and so Beautiful and Fun!  Chris is so BLESSED to have her as his wife.  They make such a cute couple and are perfect for one another.  Their whole day was Magical!  The wedding ceremony at the SLC Temple was Incredible.  The feeling there was so Powerful and Strong with overwhelming Love and Joy.  There is nothing like a temple wedding, nothing in this life can compare to what is experienced in “Heaven on Earth.”  So Amazing, so Emotional, and so Spiritual.  I am so blessed to have been a part of it.  WOW!  And now All I can think about is preparing my own four daughters to accept nothing less than a Temple Marriage with the one they choose.  Words can not describe the feelings felt there.  I have nothing to compare it to, only having experienced it myself.  They are Everlasting, they are Eternal, they are Forever After.
I took so many pictures and videos of Kayli’s wedding.  They had their own photographer taking the professional shots.  I just like to use our nice camera for special occasions like this.  So my pictures are more candid shots of her dinner the night before, at the temple, and the reception that night.  Click HERE to see them, but I warn you there are A LOT!


These pictures are so fun to me.  My girls and their cousins all took them on their own.  They were just playing around with the phone camera and I love how fun they ALL turned out.  Very CUTE and CREATIVE!  
Emilee, Haylee, and Sara
All dressed up and ready to go!

Emilee’s Birthday

Happy Bitthday to my oldest daughter.  She turned nine this year.  Wow!

 IPOD Touch.  What she has been anticipating for some time now!

Below are pics from our trip in Utah.  Emilee celebrated her birthday with all of her cousins.

Emilee and Haylee at Paradise bakery for Emilee’s Birthday lunch!
Emilee’s closest age cousins.  Sara and Haylee.

 Singing Happy Birthday!

Celebrating Nine Years!
Opening Presents


Happy Birthday Emilee!

St. George

After we were up in Salt Lake for a couple weeks we went down to St. George to stay with my mom and dad.  I always love going to their house.  There is lots of room and sooooo much to do.  We love being there.  We did lots of fun things and played lots of games (my personal favorite).  🙂  All the pictures from our trip are taken with my phone.  They don’t turn out as clear, but it’s just so easy and convenient to use my phone for pics.

Froggy Pool
The famous slide
Nice Ems!
Town Square
Going to Tuacahn Theatre.  We went to see Aladdin.  It was spectacular, but we expected nothing less.  Everything we see there is soooooooooo Amazing!
Yummy treats!
These girls love Bowling and they’re good at it too.
Bumper Boats

This was hilarious.  The girls were spraying Dani with the water guns coming out of the boats.  She loved it.
Time for Go-Carts!
Cute Sissies!
Love this picture of Dani in action!

Good Times as Always!