P&G Kings Island Day

One weekend every year Kings Island is open for a Private Event for only Procter and Gamble Employees and Families.  It’s a really fun day.  Very family oriented and we always run into people from work.  The best part is that there are no lines.  It’s not crowded at all.  This year we went as a family in the day and then again at night with just our older two girls and they had a friend go with them.  It was a fun time.  One of my girls favorites for sure!  🙂
Click HERE to see pics!

Roller Skating

Emilee and Megan are really into Roller Skating right now.  We have a great place we go to here.  They want to go every weekend.  They are catching on really fast and getting really good.

 Silly Girls
 Ems and Megs were cute doing turns together.  I got lots of video of this.
 Emilee won 100’s of tickets.  Crazy!
 She was Happy to say the least!
 I was watching them from the side and when they would come by and see me I snapped these pictures.
 Too FUN!

Brooke’s First Day of Preschool!

Brooke started Preschool this week.  She was so Ready to go.  I love Brooke so much and she is so adorable, but I don’t love the toddler stage at all.  I never have.  It’s the most frustrating stage for me as a mother.  I am so happy to have her back in school.  She is so happy to be back in school.  I am such a better mother with her back in school.  🙂  This gives me a few hours a day to just unwind a bit.  She is in afternoon preschool and I like it better than morning.  Dani takes a nap in the afternoon so I really have three hours to myself to get things done Every Day.  It’s a Miracle!
 YAY for School!!!
 With her Backpack
 Walking to the bus stop.
 Waiting for the bus. 
 Here comes the bus.  Look at that face!  🙂
Bye, Bye Brookee.  I LOVE you and I won’t miss you!  🙂