Dani’s 2 Year Old Pics

We took Danielle’s pics last weekend.  We had some nice weather and then it got really cold really fast!  It’s that time of year where the weather is very unpredictable.  The colors are beautiful, but it’s really windy and cold.  Dani was cute and fun to watch as we tried to get some candid shots of her smiling and doing other things as she ran around and played.  This makes the process less frustrating and the outcome more natural.  Can’t believe my BABY is TWO!  We Love YOU Dani, Sweetheart!  Pics are HERE.


Danielle Karen Turns Two!

Happy Birthday to Danielle.  My Baby is Two already!  Wow.  It was so fun for all of us to celebrate with her.  Dani is such a happy and spunky girl.  She is getting much more determined and independent like her older three sisters.  We had a good day celebrating by going to Red Robin for dinner (our girls favorite place) and eating donuts and doing presents.
Happy Birthday Sweet Dani!
Red Robin
Dani sat and colored the whole time.  She was so cute and content!
  Brookee kept saying “Happy Birthday Dani” over and over again.  She loves her baby sister so much.
Couldn’t be a prouder Mom!
Opening Presents
It’s so fun to watch Dani and how excited she got to open and play with her new toys.
Dani’s older sisters had just as much fun playing her toys.
 Singing Happy Birthday to our TWO year old!
 Yummy Donut with creme filling.

Pumpkin Patch

Our girls love pumpkin patches.  This one was fun because we did so many activities with it.  We got to feed/pet the farm animals, go on a hayride, walk through a corn maze, and pick a pumpkin to take home.  What a great way to get in the Spirit of Fall.  I love this time of year!
Choo Choo!  Brooke’s Favorite.
The Donkeys were a huge hit!
Our younger two girls kept getting up and trading places.  Silly!
Corn Maze Time!

Dani couldn’t get enough of the corn maze.  She would laugh and run all over.
Brooke’s face is Hilarious.  Cute and kinda scary too!
Pumpkin Field
 Picking our pumpkins
Here’s Brooke’s

Dani kept licking her Pumpkin.  Cracks me up!

Brooke kept trying to pick more pumpkins.  She was having a Blast!
Megan and Emilee return with their pumpkins  
Everyone got one.  Let’s go home and decorate them.

Family Pics 2012

We took our family pictures in September.  It is so beautiful here in The Fall.  Wow!  There are so many amazing places to take pictures.  We just set up a tripod and Matt had a clicker in his hand so we could just click away.  It was a windy day, but we got some good ones that turned out.  
Our girls playing ring around the rosies.
 Our Four Beautiful Daughters
Close up of Family in our Backyard.
Matt and I.
Lovely Emilee
Sweet Megan

Spunky Brookee!
Precious Dani
Trying to keep Dani Happy!
Dani was super tired from all of the picture taking.  😉
My Cutie Pie!
Brooke and one of her many faces.  😉