We hosted Thanksgiving dinner again this year.  Peter and Megan joined us.  We were so happy to have them.  It was great being with family.  We love hanging out with them, catching up and playing games.  Our girls love their company as well, but they mostly like their dog, Allie.  We had a great time and we are so glad they made the trip.  You are welcome anytime!
Matt is a pro now at cooking the Turkey.
  Megan and Peter, Matt’s Brother
 Matt and I 
 Girls excited to eat some yummy food.
 Matt and Peter played some tennis after dinner.  We Played at the park next to the tennis courts.
 Emilee loves tennis.
 This park is great and it’s right by our house.  There are lots of things to climb on and that’s what my girls like best.  They are little monkeys.  😉
Brooke and Dani were having a blast.  They were playing so cute and laughing so hard.  I love how Dani follows Brooke and does what she does. 
 Megan and I swinging and talking while the girls play.
 Brooke loves the swings.
Megan and Emilee at the park.
Date Night!

Ten Years and Counting!

Matt and I celebrated our Ten Year Anniversary on Friday.  Yay!  Matt had lots of surprises in store for me.   We went downtown overnight to celebrate this “once in a lifetime” milestone.  We had a fabulous time!  So memorable!  I love spending time with just the two of us.  It’s precious time we don’t get very often.  And Thanks to my really good friend for watching our girls so we could go, Love You Cathy!
On the roof of The Belvedere Club
 View from our Room! 
 When I entered our hotel room for the first time the first thing I saw were all of these roses.  Four Dozen!  Two red and two white.  Red represent LOVE and white represent Eternity.  Red and White roses together symbolize Unity.  I was pleasantly surprised… Matt had gone down earlier in the day to check into our room and put these in there for me.  So Sweet!
Our Hotel we stayed at.
 The door entrance to The Belvedere Club.  A place to mingle and relax with food and drink as well as the entrance to the rooftop.
Matt took me to Seafood for dinner.  My favorite!  It was dark and romantic. 😉  He told the waiter about our special occasion and then said… “Ya, we have to celebrate Big because you only have a couple of these right?”  Ha ha, funny Matt!  🙂
 They gave us our own personalized menu.  That was Cool!
When we got back to the Hotel we came into this.  Another amazing surprise.  Yummy!  
What a Treat!  One thing you should know about me is that I get excited over the little things.  🙂


Halloween is always a success in our house.  My girls absolutely love this Holiday.  We had to change up a couple of the costumes last minute because it got so Cold, in the 40’s.  But now we have two costumes we can use next year.  Nice!  The girls had fun, but it was short and sweet.  Too cold to stay out too long.  Click HERE to see our pics.


Halloween Haunt

October is Halloween Haunt at Kings Island.  We went a few times and the girls loved all the decorations.  In the day it’s just normal, but at night it becomes Haunted.  They do a great job of setting the scene with scary people and haunted houses.  Even some of the rides are changed to create more of a spooky experience.  Fun stuff!  Pics are HERE.