School Projects!

Emilee and Megan both had school projects due this last week.  Emilee had to do research on something nonfiction so she decided to do it on Water Frogs.  Since we have a water frog she could bring it to class as part of her presentation.  She did such a great job at presenting her project.  She talked all about frogs and their life cycle.  She took our frog out and showed everyone and then called on a couple people to feed it.  She took questions at the end and was able to give the answers.  My favorite part was as the end when she told the class… no matter how many times you kiss a frog, it will not turn into a Prince!  🙂  The class got a big kick out of that.  I was really impressed with her!  Great Job Ems!
Emilee up presenting all about frogs.
She brought pictures of our frog to class to show.
Megan had to think up an invention of a toy.  We did a lot of brainstorming and came up with a game.  Megan loves to play games so this was right down her alley.  She jumped right in and helped create the whole thing.  Matt came up with the game idea/name.  Megan and I ran with it.  The squares represent desks going from the teachers desk to graduation.  Each color represents a different school subject and corresponding cards you draw when you land on the squares.  The white desks are white tickets – good and the black desks are black marks – bad.  The question marks are questions about school the kids have to answer to continue on.  Megan created the game right after the way things are done in her very own classroom.  Megan’s class is the Owl class so we made owl markers as the playing pieces.
Needless to say, it was a BIG hit!
The Game board.  The sides fold in for storage.
Megan created a poster about her game to share how to play.  She is presenting it to me the night before.
Megan up presenting her invention to the class.
Then she called on three students to come up and try it out.
The kids all loved it and the teacher was most impressed.  She told Megan she should sell the game! 🙂  The class couldn’t get enough of it so her teacher said they could take turns playing it throughout the next couple of weeks.  Great Job Megs!

We Are Moving To The Valley of The SUN!!!

We have some really BIG News to Share.  We told our girls on Christmas Day night by letting them know we have ONE more present for them.  We had them go on a Treasure Hunt to find the present and then when they opened it up… This is what happened!

We got lots of different expressions out of them, but the video portion is the best!
We are so Thrilled!  Arizona is like Home to our family.  We are so happy to be back closer to family and friends and we Love the HEAT!  Matt starts work in Scottsdale at the end of the month and when we sell our home here, we will join him.  YAY!!!

New Years Party!

We hosted New Years with a couple close friends and their families.  It was a Fun and Crazy night.  Lots of time to talk, eat, play games, and giggle. 😉  We LOVE having parties.  It was a great time.  Happy New Years!!!
Pics from our night are HERE.