Little Girls are so much Fun.  I could take a million pictures to capture each facial expression and movement.  I guess that’s why I love taking video, you see it all.  My girls have always loved going to ChuckECheese.  Here are pics of their time spent there.

Horse Rides
 Look at that Face? 
Teapot Ride
 This was funny to watch Brooke.  Usually hits them right as they go back down.  🙂
Playing Games Galore  
Photo Spot
  Simulator Ride
 Where a Kid can be a Kid!

Danielle’s First Haircut

 Dani was ready for her first haircut and so was her mom.  Dani’s hair is very thin or fine.  She needed it cut to help make it look more full and thick.  Her hair was always getting in her face and she would take out anything I put in it so she needed to get bangs to keep her hair out of her face.
This is how long Dani’s hair was before her first haircut. 

I loved this idea, she gave Dani toys to play with in her lap to help keep her head in that downward position.

 Cutting Bangs!  I’m so glad we did bangs.
 Brooke came with us for moral support.  😉
 The finished girly!  She definitely looks more her age now.
Here’s a pic of her hair from the back.