Happy Birthday Brooke!

Brooke turned FOUR!  She had an awesome Birthday.  Her presents were all from Toy Story.  She loves all the characters and wants to have them all in her collection.  It was cute to see her get so excited over her presents.  She brought treats to preschool for her special day and we also went to ChuckECheese to celebrate.  The next day she said to me, “Mom… I want to have my birthday again today.”  Nice Brookee.  You wish!  🙂
 Brooke took all of her presents to bed with her that night.
 Brownies and ice cream.  Yum!
 I’m so proud of my little four year old and how much she has grown in just one year.
Dani loved the yummy Birthday treats. 
Brooke was most excited about getting Buzz Lightyear.  It is pretty cool all the things he can do.
 Brooke and Dani watching Toy Story 3 with the characters.  Cute!
 Preschool Treats.
 Brooke having a blast at ChuckECheese.
Brooke off to bed.