April Birthdays

April Birthdays… Matt Birthday comes first and then mine.  It’s a Big month for us.  We just got into our home in AZ when we celebrated Matt’s Bday.  It was a busy time, but the moving process went as smooth as it can go.  We are happy to be settled in.
Carrot cake, Matt’s Favorite
Daddy with all his girls!
Watches Matt wanted.

Make a wish!
My Birthday Party was a Blast.  We had our friends all over to celebrate.  It was so fun to see everyone again.  We are all so close and we are so happy to be back in AZ.  
Fun Friends
 My Chocolatey, chocolatey cake!
 Matt and I
Angee and I have been friends since BYU-Hawaii.  Long time!
All the girls and all the guys.  Good Looking Group!
On my Birthday – Day my mom came to be with me.  She’s so special to me. We had a great time together!
 Paradise Bakery for Lunch
 Matt and I went out to celebrate.  The nights in AZ are so beautiful!
Matt surprised me with an IPad.  I did not see this coming.  WoW!
Thanks Matty!
Happy Birthday to Us!  🙂

Bartons Visit to AZ

The Barton Girls all came to visit us over their Spring Break.  It was so fun having visitors to our new home so soon after moving in.  It felt like we all went to a vacation house together because our home was so new to me.  It hadn’t sinked in yet, that we are here to stay!


I love being with my sister.

Cute Girlies
Laying out.
 Ballerina Girls! 

Girls got LOTS of swim time.
   We Love having a Pool. 
 Silly Girls.
 Watching them swim from the shade.

Don’t rock the boat!

Tina is a Sun Goddess!  🙂  She needs to move to AZ!
 Dani and Brooke are in love with Kelsey.  She is so good with the little ones.
Congo chillin’ out!
The Bartons raised Congo and they love him just as much as us.

New Move

It’s been so crazy this last month, so much going on.  We closed on our home in Gilbert at the end of March.
Easter came and went in a hurry.  We were moving in the same weekend.  It was Crazy!  I didn’t feel like we got to do a lot of the traditional things we normally do like coloring eggs, but we did take time to celebrate in St. George before going to Arizona.  I’m so glad we did!
Girls on Easter
 Brooke and Dani in matching dresses
 Emilee and Megan at their new school
I’m not sure what they’re doing here  😉
Brooke goes to Preschool at Spectrum, down the street.
She will go to the same school with her sisters next year.

Brooke with her teacher, Miss Lyssa

Spring Break

We went to Utah for Spring Break to be with family and cousins and we stayed there while we were in transition with our move.  The girls got a couple weeks off of school and the time went soooo fast!
 Girls with Sara
 Megan and Amanda at the mall.
 Haylee and Emilee
 Megan with Courtney and their dolls
 Girls with Maddi
 We have a new dog.  Congo came to Arizona to live with us.
Our girls couldn’t be happier.  They all Love dogs.  He is a cutie!
 Of course, there is Swimming.
Yay! for Sand Dunes.  It’s definitely a favorite. 

The sand is so soft and fun to play with.
Girls on an Easter Egg hunt Grandma made for them.