Megan gets Baptized

Happy Baptism Day to Megan.  She got baptized last Saturday surrounded by friends and family.  It was a special day for her and our family.  We are so proud of Megan.  She is so spiritual and sensitive to the spirit.  She is such a sweetheart and we love having her in our home.  The day was filled with a service where the baptism and confirmation was performed and then a barbeque/pool party back at our home afterwards.
Pics from her day are HERE.


Megan’s Bday Party

Megan’s Birthday is Today.  She had her Birthday Party last weekend.  Megan is our Social Butterfly.  She makes friends so easily and has so many already in this short time that we’ve lived here.  She invited friends from her new school as well as friends from N. Phoenix where we used to live.  She had them all over for a swimming pool party.  It was so fun for them all to get together and play.  They had a great time.  Happy Birthday Megs!  You are so special to us and we love having you in our family.  We love you!  Pics from her fun night are HERE.


Megan gets her ears pierced

 Cute Megan waiting for her ear piercing.

Picking out earrings for after.

She was excited and nervous all at the same time.  She wanted to get them pierced and then she would say “no, never mind let’s go home.”  We encouraged her to stay so she wouldn’t regret it and sure enough that was the right decision.  She is so pleased with the results!
 Lots of Sisters there for support.
 Big Smiles after the piercing.
She picked out the diamond earrings.  So Pretty!

Sisters Girls Trip

This year we went to Salt lake City for our girls trip.  Life has been crazy and schedules are hard to meet so we just did it right in our home city.  We stayed downtown and had a blast.  I never care where we go, I just love to all be together.  We celebrated our mom’s Birthday over the weekend and got to go to lunch with our Aunt Lynda.  My mom and Lynda are such close sisters and we have always seen her as a second mom.  
Lunch at The Grand America Hotel
This place is so pretty.
With our Aunt Lynda, she is so special to each of us. 
Funny picture of all us girls in order of birth.
 Happy Birthday to my Beautiful and Amazing Mom!
 Our Fun Hike 
 Tina and I walking the hike.  Mountains are so green.
Kathy and I
The Salt Lake Area.
All of us at the top.
 Kari and Kathy a the top of the mountain.
While we hiked our mom listened to a tour guide talk all about the area.  She then told us everything he said and what she had learned.  It was fascinating listening to her.  She would make such a great tour guide herself.  We want her to go on a mission to Nauvoo.
Lots of Shopping  
 Resting while we shop.  Cute couch. 
 It was getting dark to take pics with our phone so these are kinda grainy.
Kari and I messing around with the Iphone.  We are still like little kids, the two of us! 
Gangnem Style came on while we were shopping so Kari and I broke out into dance.  We gave our other sisters and mom a good laugh.  They were very entertained.  They got pics and video of us dancing.  These are my favorite moments on the girls trip… The silly ones!
 Sunday Morning
The Temple grounds are so pretty.
 On the Temple grounds.
Our Brother, Dan, gave us these fun Disney bags and we all brought them for our fun trip.