A Visit to San Fran

Last weekend I went to San Francisco.  My brother, Dan lives there and my niece, Kayli and her husband, Chris are there for the summer.  It was so fun to see all of them at the same time.  When my sister, Kari (Kayli’s mom) found out that I was going she wanted to come too.  How Fun!  We had a really good time.  It’s one of my favorite cities.  I loved when I lived there in my single days and it also reminds me of Matt.  We have a lot of memories from there.  My visit there was short and sweet, but it was really good to get out of the AZ Heat and really hard to come back to it.  Thank goodness we have a pool.  It seriously makes these summers do able.

It all started with lunch on the Pier.

My sister, Kari and I.  Love being with her!

 With Kari and Kayli

We’re Excited!

Chillin’ on the Cable car.

Riding on the Cable car.  Such a FUN ride!

Lombard St. from the top and below picture is looking up Lombard St.

Entering China Town


Taking a break at Yerba Beuna Gardens.
Back on The Trolley.
Grace Cathedral

 Walking the hills of SF.  It is so steep!

  I love the views in each direction.

The sun is going down.  It is getting really cold.  I am enjoying it!
Down by The Wharf.
Pics on The Pier.


Gotta get some Chocolate before we leave.  🙂

Memorial Day Weekend!

Every year we go with our friends to a cabin in The White Mountains.  We’ve gone to a different cabin each time.  It is such a blast to get out of the heat and enjoy nature in a comfortable cabin.  We all love spending time together eating, talking, and playing games.  We are such great friends and our kids all play so well too.  It’s one of our favorite trips we look forward to each year.  We took lots of pics, click HERE to see them.