Ward Campout

We went camping with our Ward and it was such a good time.  My kind of camping for sure.  It was only one night and everything was provided for us.  We just had to set up our tents, but even when we got there the youth came and helped set them up.  Awesome kids!  We love our ward, we love The White Mnts!
Great Views on the way up 
Ready for bed?
Emilee and Megan in their own tent 
 Dani got premium sleeping conditions  🙂
Girls eating breakfast 
Best Friends!
 Taking down camp
Playing in the dirt.
 Dani walking Congo.  It’s funny to watch because he takes her where he wants to go.
 Fran and I at the camp out.  She is our backyard neighbor.

 Girls on the rope swing

My sweet baby!

Family in Nature
Sweet Girls!

Summer Utah Trip

Every Summer we go to Utah to visit family.  It’s so great to get out of the AZ summer heat for a few weeks.  My girls love spending time with their cousins and we just love being with family.  This is a trip we look forward to most each year as a family!  I loved putting these pictures together.  I felt like I was reliving all of the memories.  I can’t believe how many things we did in three weeks.  Too many pics were taken to put on the blog so they are all posted on our website.  Click HERE to see them.


Summer Swim Team

Emilee and Megan were on Swim Team this summer with EVO.  They loved going to practices each morning and swimming the relays over the weekends.  They got to be really good swimmers!  It was so fun to watch them swim and perfect their strokes.  Great job girls… You were Awesome!

Girls on swim team with Tait girls
 Megan and Emilee swimming their hearts out.
 Matt helped out with timing the relays.
 Megan and Emilee after swimming their first relay.
 Megan with her cousin, Courtney.
 Megan and Ava got first place!  Yay!
Proud Mom and Dad!
 Into the water again.
Cute Ava and Megan again.  They kept getting the same place.
Down time
Daddy making Dani giggle.

Summer Ice Skating

Emilee and Megan took Ice Skating lessons over the summer.  They really got the hang of it.  They learned how to skate on one foot, slide, and skate backwards.  They loved being in the cold arena during the summer heat.  It was fun to watch them learn.  I videoed more than I took pics, but I took pics during their free skating time.

Getting ready for their class.
 First Lesson
 These two have no fear!
 Emilee and the splits
Nice moves. 🙂
Arms out, one foot.
Free as a bird!