Danielle’s Three Year Old Pics

We took Dani’s 3 year old pics last week.  She was all smiles.  It was the easiest toddler pics we’ve ever taken.  She is so used to smiling for the camera that all we had to do was say Dani look over here and she knew what to do from there.  We went to a park right by The Gilbert Temple.  There were so many great places to get pictures there.  Dani has been such a sunshine in our lives.  She is so sweet and kind.  Her best feature is her eyes.  They are so beautiful.  She used to have blue eyes, but they’ve changed over the last couple years to greenish/hazel.  I was really hoping she would be my blue eyed child, but her eyes are an amazing color nontheless.  Click HERE to see her pics.


Danielle’s 3rd Birthday!

Our baby is THREE!  Wow!  Dani had a great birthday.  She was so cute all day and you could just tell she knew it was a special day for her.  She loved the cupcakes, the presents, and all the attention.  We loved celebrating her.  She is such a love bug!  Happy Day Dani Girl!!!

Mommy’s Special Girl!
 Birthday Cupcakes
Dani thought it was just the greatest opening presents.
All her sisters loved to help too.
 Happy Birthday Dani!
It’s Play Time!
All Smiles!

Adult Halloween Party!

I really wanted to host a Halloween Party this year.  It was hard to find a time that worked, there really was only one day this whole month that would work so we did it.  We had a great time celebrating with our friends.  My sister Kari was even here that weekend.  I’m glad everyone dressed up.  That makes a Halloween party that much more fun!
HaPpY HaLlOwEeN!!!
We are Hippies.  Peace Out!
Loved having my sister here.
 Joey and Hilary from Saved by The Bell.
Cory is a NASCAR racer.
 Time to Wrestle.
 Lanae and Brian from the 80’s.
Chris and Sherrie from Modern Family.
 Dave and Kim on their way to go hunting.
 Erica and Chad, a nurse and her soldier.
 Playing games.

Lanae, Kim, and I.

Group Photo
  The next morning the girls woke up and put on their own costume party!  ha ha  🙂
Emilee cracks me up!

Butters come to Visit

After we got home from California.  My sister Kari and her youngest two daughters, Madi and Sara came to visit us for the weekend of our fall break.  We loved it!  I love having company, especially my family.  I wish I lived by my family so bad.  I love being with my sisters and their cute girls more than anything.  Thanks for coming to visit. Love you girlies!!!
What’s the first thing we do?  Swim, of course!  🙂
Sara and Dani have the same exact swimsuits!
 Girls involved in a cooking contest.  Below are the winners and what prizes they got.  They did great and it was fun for Kari and I to be the judge taste testers.  🙂
Greatest Candy Store Ever!!!
More Swimming!  It is October and it was cold.  They didn’t seem to care.
Brooke is in her own little world.  That happens in this 3-4 year old stage.  I love watching her.
 Silly girl.
She is getting a kick out of herself.  Love it!
Brooke doing a twist turn into the pool.
Chillin’ by the pool their last night here.


We took our girls to Disneyland over fall break.  This is the first area we’ve lived in where we had a whole week off school during the fall.  We loved being able to go on a vacation during this time.  We spent time with Matt’s family and went to the beach.  After all what would going to California be like without going to the beach? I don’t know, we’ll never find out!  🙂  Disneyland was Amazing!  Our girls are at such great ages to enjoy everything Disneyland has to offer.  It was such a magical experience for them and very memorable for our family.  I can’t wait to go again!  We went to California Adventure on Monday.  The highlights were Toy Story, Little Mermaid, and The Cars ride.  Matt’s favorite ride is Soarin’ Over California and I have always loved Tower of Terror.  Oh! and The World of Color at night was Spectacular!  We went to Disneyland on Tuesday.  We love going on Indiana Jones.  It’s quite the adventure!  Other favorites are Pirates, Haunted Mansion, and Matt loves anything in Tommorowland.  There are so many great rides.  I love how everything is themed and so entertaining!  We got to see quite a few characters and many of the princesses.  Oh, and we were there for Mickeys Halloween Party at night!  Most people are dressed up in costume.  Our girls dressed up and they trick or treated throughout the park.  There were also many performances going on throughout the night.  Only so many tickets were sold so it wasn’t too crowded.  The night was filled with lots of Halloween adventures and fun.  This was such a great party that I want to be a part of every year. The feelings at Disneyland are like no other.  It truly is The Happiest Place On Earth!!!  I love all the videos and pics we got.  Click HERE to see many of them.