Family Pics 2013

We took our family pics while we were in California at the beach.  We found a great place south of Newport called Corona del Mar.  Such a great place for photos.  I wish we could take our pics at the beach every year.  I loved the way they turned out.  Each year it definitely gets easier to get that perfect shot.  My girls are so used to looking at the camera and smiling.  We’ve always taken our own pics as we just set the camera on timer.  It’s worked out well.  Below are my favs.
 I loved getting a pic of me with all four of my girls.
It was hard to get Dani to smile in the shots of just our girls.  She had an experience where the water came up and swept her from behind when we were at the beach over the summer and she is still tormented by it.  She did not like having her back toward the water.  🙂

 In this picture she got distracted playing with the sand in her hands that she was able to at least stop crying.

 I love silhouette pics.  I think they are so cool.  The sunset was beautiful that night!
 Matt and I.  I could stare at this pic all day.  I love our background so much!
 We always take individual shots of each of our girls.  They all did a great job posing themselves.
 This picture reminds me of Brooke’s favorite princess Ariel, The Little Mermaid, on the rock.  Maybe that’s why she posed that way.  Funny girl! 
Here we are pointing at the water.  I am trying to tell Dani that the water is fun and that it won’t get her this time.  I don’t think she was convinced.  🙂 

Danielle Starts Preschool

My sweet baby girl is going to preschool now.  This is the first time where I haven’t been fully ready for it.  I’ve been a little hesitant because she is my baby and still seems so little.  She is so excited though and has loved going everyday.  I think to her she feels like such a big girl.  Dani is very independent and likes to be in charge, but she is also very sweet and loving and likes me to hold and be with her.  I am glad she is able to go to school and learn new things.  Brooke wishes they were in the same class.  They do have the same teacher, but Dani goes to school in the morning and Brooke goes in the afternoon class.  The morning class has a lot more three year olds in it so I think it will be better for Danielle.  The teacher also talked about how older children can shadow younger siblings so I think it’s good that Dani has her own experience.  She had a great first day.  There were no tears shed, just lots of chatter and smiles.  🙂

First day of Preschool 
 Little poser girl!
 Her backpack is as big as she is.  Ha ha!  They are required to start school with the full sized backpacks.
 Bye, Bye Dani see you in a few hours.
I always wonder what she is thinking about this new experience.
One last look!

Halloween Week!

Halloween is always so much fun.  We look forward to it each year and it’s so fun to have little ones to celebrate with.  They love dressing up and so do I.  We love carving pumpkins and being involved in all the festivities of the season.  I am so glad we were in Arizona where the weather is perfect this time of year!  Our neighborhood was also fabulous.  There were lots of trick-or-treaters and fun homes all decked out in the spirit of Halloween.  I videoed a few of the homes.  One was a pirate theme and another was a haunted house leading up to the front door.  Really creative!  Pics from our Halloween week are HERE.