New Years Eve!

We celebrated New Years Eve with some special friends.  It was so much fun going out to dinner, sushi.  Yummmmm!  Then we came back to our house to play games and ring in the New Year!
Dinner at Ryu!
 Boyz table
 Girls table
Love these girls!
Waiting for the countdown 
 Photo bombed.  Love it!
 Happy New Year!
Megan and Emilee even stayed up til midnight!  They wouldn’t miss it for the world.  😉

All our girls celebrating the New Year!


California Vacation over Christmas Break

We went to California after Christmas for the weekend.  It was great to be with all of Matt’s side of the family.  We stayed in a really fun hotel.  The girls enjoyed swimming, playing games, and staying up late.  😉  The highlight of our trip was taking our girls to the American Girl store.  It’s like a doll Disneyland in there.  So cute and so fun!  Going to the beach is always a must and a highlight too.  I love it there!  We had a great time and it went way too fast, as all vacations do.  
Click HERE to see pics.


Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Christmas time is always very enjoyable and happy.  It truly is the most wonderful time of the year especially when living in Arizona where it is warm all winter long.  🙂  Love it!  We had a great Christmas, probably even our best one yet!  If that’s even possible.  I guess they just keep getting better.  The best part of it all is just being with family and enjoying each others company.
Click HERE to see our Christmas.


Christmas Hat Party!

This year we went to such a fun party where we all came with decorated Santa hats.  It was so much fun to see what everyone had come up with.  Such cute and creative ideas.  I loved that my girls did their own decorating.  They had just as much fun creating their hats as they did at the party wearing them.  😉
Thanks to Matt’s dad and Cathy for such a great time, wonderful company, and delicious food. 
Family hats… wish I would’ve used our camera instead of my phone.  The pics with my phone all turned out blurry.  
Cousins with hats
Barb and Kim
 Rocco and Cathy
 Emilee and me
 1st place hat winners!
Little poser girl! 
 Opening presents
Cute sweatshirts from Papa and Cathy 
 Cute backpacks for Brooke and Dani
Our entertainment from the kiddos.  They did such a great job dancing/cheering to “All I want for Christmas is you.” by Mariah Carey  Soooooo glad I got it all on video.

Friends Christmas Party

One of the best things about living back in AZ is that we get to go to this fun party!  We always look forward to going.  It’s such a great time.  I wouldn’t miss it for the world unless of course, we are out of State.  😉

The whole group.  We missed those of you who couldn’t make it. 
Our sillyness revealed! 😉
 Cutest girlfriends ever!
 The GaLs
The BoYs
 The Chrismtas props made the pictures so much fun!
 Matt rolling his eyes while I kiss him.
Then he caught me off guard by kissing me back! 
Friends cute pics!
I cherish these times and I never want them to end!!!
~Merry Christmas~

Temple lights

We love to go to see the Temple lights during December.  It’s so amazing how many lights are decorating the Temple grounds.  It’s such a great way to get into the Spirit of Christmas.  There are always so many people there and different choirs that sing Christmas songs.  It’s fun to go with friends too.  We went with The Jones this year.  So pretty!
Listening to the music from the choir.
 So pretty!

Lanae and I with our sweet babies.
Cute sisters
Families are Forever!
The whole group
 Ems and Megs, best friends!
 New sculpture at the Temple
So many great places to take pictures!