Christmas Hat Party!

This year we went to such a fun party where we all came with decorated Santa hats.  It was so much fun to see what everyone had come up with.  Such cute and creative ideas.  I loved that my girls did their own decorating.  They had just as much fun creating their hats as they did at the party wearing them.  😉
Thanks to Matt’s dad and Cathy for such a great time, wonderful company, and delicious food. 
Family hats… wish I would’ve used our camera instead of my phone.  The pics with my phone all turned out blurry.  
Cousins with hats
Barb and Kim
 Rocco and Cathy
 Emilee and me
 1st place hat winners!
Little poser girl! 
 Opening presents
Cute sweatshirts from Papa and Cathy 
 Cute backpacks for Brooke and Dani
Our entertainment from the kiddos.  They did such a great job dancing/cheering to “All I want for Christmas is you.” by Mariah Carey  Soooooo glad I got it all on video.

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