Christmas Caroling

We had some friends over Sunday night to eat yummy desserts and drink hot cocoa.  They had to sing a Christmas carol before entering our home.  We’ve done this before and had such a great time that we wanted to do it again.  It’s always so fun to see what they come up with on the spot.
Friends make the Holidays so FUN!!!
The first to arrive were The Britts singing Jingle Bells.
Cory and his girls were next.
Tait Family
Crosland Family
The Jones family

Erika and Chad.  They came over later on, so I took a picture of them.
Oh and they sang Silent night at the door, but it didn’t get recorded.  Dang it!  You guys will have to do a redo.  Ha ha!  🙂
Brooke loves Castle 
Dani and Charlotte

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