Valentines Day!

 Thursday Brooke and Dani celebrated Valentines at their preschool.  They got so many fun treats!
 Seeing all the Valentines they have.  I love how excited they get about it.  My favorite was the twinkie dressed up like a minion and it said… You’re one in a “minion.” So creative!
Cute Valentine my Booke and Dani made for me.  Love them!
Emilee and Megan with their valentine boxes
This is so cute!  The top of Megan’s box says Hungry for Love!  She saw a picture of her cousin, Keagan’s Valentine box that is very similar and she wanted to copy her.  🙂
 Surprise Valentines gifts I made my older two girls.
This gift is an American Girl scrapbook for each of them.  I spent so much time filling the pages with love and memories.  It’s all about them and their special dolls.  It was a project, but so worth it especially when they got so excited about them and were both so grateful.
 They opened them right up and read the whole thing.
 A couple pages from Emilee’s book.
A couple pages from Megan’s book.
I found this in Megan’s room.  She set her photo book up so Julie and Maddi could see their pics together.  Haha!  Oh! and don’t forget the dog, Coconut, and him looking at it too.  I love it!
Valentines Night!
 Valentines dinner with a couple of my really close friends.
I love these girls to pieces.  They mean so much to me.  I am so glad we are so close!
 Emily and Amy
 My Valentine!… Matty!

Couples pic!  We had so much fun talking and laughing.  I really enjoyed the time we had together!

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  1. Okay…those books are the MOST adorable! A treasured gift for many years to come. I love how Megan positioned her dolls on their bed looking at the book together. Way cute! So glad you got this picture. You are such a creative and thoughtful Mom!

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