Botticelli- Birth of Venus

Bruegel- Tower of Babel

Caillebotte- Floor Scrapers

Renior - The Boating Party

Kandinsky - Autumn in Bavaria

Matisse- Dance

Matisse- Blue Nude

Cot- The Storm

Munch - The Scream

Picasso- The Kiss

Rapheal- School of Athens

Michelangelo- Creation (Sistene Chapel)

Renoir- Piazza San Marco

Seurat- Sunday Afternoonon the Island of La Grande Jatte

Whistler - Whistler's Mother

Dali- The Great Masturbator



Magritte - Golconde

Dali- The Rock at Cape Creus

Magritte - The Red Model

Magritte - The Great War

Magritte - The Son of Man

Dali- Persistence of Memory


Magritte - The Lovers II

Magritte - Empire of Light


Van Gogh - Bedroom Scene

Van Gogh- Starry Night at the Rhone

Van Gogh- Starry Night

Van Gogh- Cafe Terrace